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After acquiring a radio from a gentleman in Pavlovo military complex, Daniil puts the radio to his mouth as he walks off

"Dobre Den my fellow countrymen, as well as visitors to my country. Recently, as in the last hour, a couple of Amerikanski scum decided to hold me up near Balota and steal my GAZ, then hit me over with a shovel leaving me unconscious in the field. As a result I am offering a hefty bounty for the two of  them. The successful capture of the two Amerikanski will be rewarded with 5000 rubles. Furthermore, as the vehicle was a gift, I am offering 2500 rubles for the safe retrieval of my covered GAZ truck. Emphasis on covered. I do not wish to bring hastle to anyone else driving a GAZ."

He releases the PTT before affixing the radio back onto his backpack, and continues his search. 

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[Radek yawns as he sips some instant-coffee obtained from his ration package, sipping it from a Politsya cup with a broken handle. He listens to the message and his eyes widen when the reward is mentioned. Setting down the cup he goes for the radio. You hear what seems to be a local sounding Slavic voice. Perhaps Chernarussian, just by going by accent.]


"Dobry den! Americans you say? This is Ra- ... this is a remaining officer on wildlife and infection control duties.

Perhaps I can find your truck, assuming it has any notable oddities. Wouldn't mind some monetary reward since getting paid and withdrawing that from my regular bank account is oddly enough hard. But before I or 'we' - anyone hearing this - hunt down every American, and some falsely, it would be helpful if you can provide any additional information on their...


  • clothing,
  • any oddities such as specific dialects or accents,
  • their way of speaking, slang, specific words used,
  • weapons they were carrying,
  • ...and anything else of note,


... as this will help in identifying them. Given the hefty sum and that... clearly ... these people seem to be a safety hazard ... I might be able to throw up some 'wanted posters' to spread the message locally. But for that I need more details.




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*Ratko gets out and slams the GAZ door shut. People speaking serbian can be heard in the distance.  He detaches his radio from vest and presses PTT*

*Heavy static can be heard at first but the serbian voices and loud laughing in the background come through*

*Few more seconds pass and you can hear loud sound of gaz hood slapped with hand*

Dobry den! I believe we recovered this truck of yours and we happily return it to its rightful owner.

I don't want to discuss details here so if we could change to a more private channel of communication.

*The radio would go silent*




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Daniil strums his fingers against the dash of his current truck as he listens to the radio broadcast. 

"I was able to recover the truck or one like it provideyesterday with the help of a different third party. I do hope this truck you recovered is not one of mine I have safely tucked away."

He paused for a moment before he continued.

"I will look into this. If it is not one of my trucks I currently possess it means you may be able to yet provide useful information, so arrangements can be made to pick this truck up off you as well. I will be in touch"

He sets his radio aside before starting the engine and heading off.

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  • Sapphire

*Dimitri raises his brow and goes to press the PTT you hear Russian chatter and music in the background*

"Privet. If you need a man to help look for these people me and my Russian comrades  will be happy I'm sure to hunt them down and let you be with them. If you wish to speak on a more private frequency I will be more then happy comrade" G_DateLR#8752

*Dimitri starts to talk Russian and turns up the Russian music and releases the PTT*

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