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For Evin Foster

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**Benjamin fiddles with the stubborn radio**

"Hello? Is this thi..." *radio clicks on* "...ng working right? Son of a bi..." *radio clicks off*

**Benjamin aggravatedly fiddles some more while muttering to himself**

"This thing is a driving me bonkers. *grumbles* Why won't it...? Ah, there we go!" **Benjamin believes he has the radio working correctly now**

"Hello? This is Benjamin. I was hoping to catch wind of a young lady I mets about the other day..."

**Benjamin suddenly hears a voice output over the radio. Suddenly, it dawns on him that there ain't no why he was being heard**

**Benjamin tightens his jaw** "WHY THIS DAMN THING!" **Benjamin flusters**

**Benjamin smashes down the PTT and realizes it may finally have taken hold**

*radio clicks on*

"Hello! This Benjamin. I am trying to reach out to a Miss Foster (@Evin Foster). I believe I have something you may have been interested in getting your hands on. I'll be on the line for a bit. Made my way back through Zeleno again. Fire back a message if you get this." 

**Benjamin realizes there was no channel static on release this time and smacks the side of the radio**
*radio clicks off*

"I'm gonna need to tend to this frickin' thing its all cadywompus." 


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