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Some Inconsistency


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Hello staff,

Anti-Prejudice Elmo here, coming at you with yet another ATS, please hold the applause.

So, after perusing the radio broadcasts section of our forums and asking some questions, I noted a slight inconsistency with how the radio broadcast rules were being applied to community members. Both @JimRP & @AlkisLR posted radio broadcasts that were in violation of the radio broadcast rules, yet the former received warning points and the latter did not; as far as I'm aware, despite equally being in breach of the rules.

My question to staff is relatively simple: they broke the same rule, why are they receiving different punishments or none at all?


@Hofer & @Roland how would one construe what was a snarky and harassing remark on the radio as anything but hostile? Here is the order in which it was posted:


Effectively, its somebody saying "shut up." The fact that the voice was disguised and no effort was actually made to continue this supposed trade arrangement only supports that this was done as a snarky dig and not actually as anything to further roleplay.

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I thought Alkis's was a simple trade offer, while Jims is purely hostile in nature and therefore against the rules ? That's my take on it, but I didn't do the deed so...

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Hello @Elmo,

As far as I can see (now at least) I only see one radio broadcast by Alkis which isn't really very hostile. As I view it he is asking them not to speak on the frequency, while this isn't a happy message I wouldn't classify it as hostile.

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