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Hello, I have not played some time on the server and got back to it. Having a blast for the last 2 days, but I've seen there are a lot of new mods.

There are some questions:

- Where can I find the trader? (I have seen the mod installed)

- If I make myself a little house with some locks, can it be destroyed?

- How much time does the items despawn from the containers?

Thanks in advance and take care!

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Location and info on traders is here:  

If you lock something up in a house, some can break in, destroying the door, yes.

Stuff doesn’t, or shouldn’t, despawn from containers—the entire storage container will despawn after a certain set of days (tents, boxes, etc) of not being interacted with, or hours (bags).  

And here’s the link for those lifetimes:  



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