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  • Diamond

You need to find a greenhouse kit and set it up

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  • Sapphire

The ones scattered around the map i think you can use. Also you can find green house kits around the map to also set up and put up at a location you are based at

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  • Diamond

I don't believe you can use the static greenhouses any longer, unless we have that modded into the server, but tbh I haven't tried that in a long time. You could try to find a shovel and some good lookin dirt!

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To the best of my knowledge, the static greenhouses I don't think you can use, I could be wrong ? But i'd say the best best is to find a greenhouse kit and then use that instead ?

Alternatively you can also craft a wooden planter/garden box which takes 2 planks 10 nails each. Or you can also just use a shovel and find a nice patch of dirt ^^ 

Hope this helps ?


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  • MVP
2 hours ago, Bonzo said:

so the greenhouses on the map already dont work?

They don't. Instead, they work as food spawns.

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