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Warning Points Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/34558-wbtrex/warnings/6414/

Why the verdict is not fair: On a thread that is with both sides at each others throats, a guy compliments a fellow RPer with genuine, kind, and heartfelt words, and it's wrong to want to highlight it, so others might notice and take from his example?

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Humans are fickle things. We'll always pick sides on any issue and die for that metaphorical hill. Especially, in times of great strife. Let's leave out the real life influences for this example though, and focus purely on the community at hand. It's a stressful time; S-GRU archived, literally putting a doorstop in multiple groups RPs. It's killed peoples motivations and outright forced at least one group to archive as a result. Then, we have a very divisive thread (at no fault to the OP of the thread, mind you) that has, as of the time of this writing, 161 replies. A vast majority of it is the two sides smashing each other over the head with their ideals; true, much of it is tense if cordial discussion, yet discontent and salt seeps through nonetheless. Enter @Taffinator, who expresses his viewpoint. A short time later, none other than the legendary Anarchy Wardog himself, @TurkRP opts to express his sincere gratitude and respect as a fellow roleplayer, lauding his quality of RP and his ideals in equal measure. It is a small gesture, but nonetheless one that seems to of broken the discord of the argument in it's tracks. A single bit of camaraderie between two individuals enjoying their hobby with nothing but joyous recollection. 

The difference between 0 and 1 is greater than 1 and infinity. Turk didn't need to say anything. But he did, and the mood of the thread, and perhaps of the day for the community as a whole, was improved. Taffinator's opinion could've been said and likely nothing much else would've come of it. But from the reactions of those who have beans'd him, it's clear that it had a palpable effect. It could be argued that I didn't need to say anything. Didn't need to do more than add my beans to his post. But the thing is, I simply wasn't about to do that. I wished to give him his proper credit, his dues. He did a good deed and a good deed should always be rewarded in kind. Rule 1.5 states that all posts must be kept to a high standard, and posts must be constructive/meaningful relative to the thread at large. Neither side backs down, and the temper was gradually raising. By adding more than just beans, an easily overlooked feature, I was propagating a far more positive mood, with the hope that both sides might take note. 

What is more high quality than attempting to settle people down? If we see flaming and saltposts as the epitome of low quality threads, then should the opposite not also be true? That those acting in a positive manner in posts are of the highest quality?  What is more constructive than focusing on a bridge between the ideologies? Hopefully, both sides could see the merit in Taffinator's post, his views best being described as a very middle-of-the-road concept. Turk's recognition of him was encouraging a constructive middle-ground, and I simply wished to vocally add my support to such an endeavor, lest it's washed away by a sea of discourse. What is more meaningful to the thread at hand to emphasize a moderate viewpoint, to allow both sides to come together at common grounds, such that an amicable conclusion is had by all?

Now you're probably thinking, 'that's a lot for an appeal post'. I figured since my post was seemingly not enough, I would make up the difference here. Besides, if someone has to read this, why not go all out?  Hopefully I've spoken some kind of sense, and might have my points revoked. If not? C'est la vie. Only 3 points and a warning, it's the principle more than anything else.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed.

What could you have done better?: Added more to my post.

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Hey there Wbtrex,

Although we understand where you are coming from, and that there was no ill intent meant, it is still considered a UP. Your post did not contribute to the discussion and general theme of the thread at hand - and if anything, it only served to contribute to the back-and-forth that was being had. Forum post must be on-topic regarding the thread that they are posted on. Calling a back-and-forth that has come to a peaceful resolution 'wholesome' is not on-topic regarding the thread at hand, however wholesome the resolution may have been. Stuff like that is better shown by BeanZ-ing the post and/or DMing the people involved. For the future, keep in mind that however wholesome something may be - always make sure that your forum post is on-topic regarding the thread at hand.



Appeal Denied - Warning-points stay.


Signed | @Banshee, @Duplessis & @Inferno

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