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Server and location: S1; Kozlovka

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/4/20 20:45

Your in game name: Riggs Fuller

Names of allies involved: @ImFrosty @FredLR @Bailey and some other County Lines

Name of suspect/s: @TheeFlocki

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Apologies for the constant stutters / lag in the video, my PC + Internet is absolute shit.

Detailed description of the events: Myself, @FredLR, @ImFrosty, as well as 1 or 2 other members of County Lines who were not that involved in the situation ran into a man in Kozlovka, when running into him we were calmly interacting with the man and trying to trade with him. Meanwhile, @ImFrosty goes behind us and sees a man lurking behind a fence, presumably 3rd pp peaking behind a fence. We confront him about this and he does seem to get defensive over it. The man was also met earlier by @Bailey who said he was creeping up on him. We did not plan on initiating until he decided he just wanted to walk away from the conversation, during a help desk conversation with @Duplessis, @Angel, and @TheeFlocki he claims he had OOC matters to attend to which I completely understand. If he were to do (//need to go) or something like that I would have understood. We begin to tail @TheeFlocki and he stops, talks to us for a short period of time, and decided to walk away yet again. We decided enough is enough and myself, @ImFrosty, and @FredLR initiated on the man. Shortly after the initiation to which he complied to, he decides to tell me that "my balls haven't dropped" so I give him a clear demand that if he talks disrespect 1 more time he is dead. The man continues to be disrespectful and after 2-3 times of me telling him to be respectful. But to no avail, the man continues to tell me that my balls haven't dropped, so I killed him. I gave him SO MANY chances to not disrespect me, but he decides to continue on. I wanted to further the RP but he cut it short by NVFL'ing. He also says "If you wanna shoot me in the head for not calling you sir then go ahead." My character demands respect ICly and very rarely takes no for an answer.

EDIT: Would also like to add in Help Desk he was nothing but disrespectful to me on an OOC level and even went to the extent of calling me an "ass" and saying he "really doesnt like me". Staff should have a recording of this.

Edited by Atrix
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Hello Roleplayers And welcome to my POV

So as we were leaving the cherno school we head north to loot the zelenogorsk military and just walk around. Upon making it to kozlovka we run into a man and begin talking to him. This is when go mute on the radio due to technical difficulties ooc. Upon being told to go on overwatch I begin to leave and look around the area when coming across a man crouching around and watching the conversation with the random man unfold. I tell him to go down and talk with my friends when I begin to look around the area on overwatch. I see the man begin to walk away with my friends telling him to stop, he complies as they continue the conversation. The man does this a few times before I see my friends aiming weapons at him, I run up and do the same telling the man to put his hands up. After this they bring him into a house where i continue to look around the area. I hear gunshots from inside when i run in and find out he mouthed off and Atrix executed him after giving him multiple demands to stop. We loot the man and talk to the other guy a little bit before walking towards zelenogorsk and looting around before leaving the town and heading elsewhere.


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Calling in the following people for their full POV and any unedited video evidence they may have

@Atrix - Riggs Fuller
@ImFrosty - Jonny Croak
@FredLR - Sergey Vavilov
@TheeFlocki - Ivar Khan

Connection Logs


18:17:13 | Player "Riggs Fuller" is connected
21:15:21 | Player "Riggs Fuller" has been disconnected

20:16:27 | Player "Jonny Croak" is connected
21:21:21 | Player "Jonny Croak" has been disconnected

20:17:55 | Player "Sergey Vavilov" is connected
21:16:21 | Player "Sergey Vavilov" has been disconnected

18:15:34 | Player "Ivar Khan" is connected
20:46:40 | Player "Ivar Khan" has been disconnected



20:42:48 | Sergey Vavilov restrained Ivar Khan with Handcuffs

20:45:26 | Player "Ivar Khan" hit by Player "Riggs Fuller" with M4A1 from 2.49324 meters 
20:45:26 | Player "Ivar Khan" hit by Player "Riggs Fuller" with M4A1 from 2.4936 meters 
20:45:26 | Player "Ivar Khan" hit by Player "Riggs Fuller" with M4A1 from 2.4936 meters 
20:45:26 | Player "Ivar Khan" hit by Player "Riggs Fuller" with M4A1 from 2.76667 meters 
20:45:26 | Player "Ivar Khan" hit by Player "Riggs Fuller" with M4A1 from 2.76667 meters 
20:45:26 | Player "Ivar Khan" hit by Player "Riggs Fuller" with M4A1 from 2.76667 meters

Kill Logs


20:45:26 | Player "Ivar Khan" (DEAD) killed by Player "Riggs Fuller" with M4A1 from 2.49324 meters


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Bonjour, let me introduce you all to my POV

We meet this guy in Kozlovka, I'm trying to trade with him, because I wanted his revolver. This man values his revolver highly, so he doesn't want to give it away, and I respect that. We then meet another guy who sneaks up behind us, listening in. We catch him in the act, whereby he plays it off as if nothing happened. After further conversing I conclude that their story is very odd. Since they both "knew" each other, and happened to be in the same place at once. Tentions start to rise as I'm asking more questions about the matter, this is where the accused starts moving away for the first time. We stop him, and he continues to move after some time. This is where we initiate on him for not listening to what we're saying, and trying to evade the situation. When we've got him cuffed he decides to disrespect @Atrix , which makes him more agitated. This disrespect doesn't last for long, since @Atrix shoots him after warning him several times, and the accused not complying to the warnings.

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Thinking about it more I'm looking to close the report. If possible please /close

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Helloing all,

Staff has looked over the report and came to the consideration to honor the OP's request in closing of the report. However before we do so we got something we'd like to air out first.

@TheeFlocki - Your attitude as a hostage was a yikes. When you're restrained and held at gun point, the last thing you want to do is insult the people holding you hostage and tell them to shoot you. Having that kind of attitude, 9 times out of 10 leads to you getting executed and makes the whole situation seem like you don't value your character's life. Speaking of which, if this report has gone through the proper procedures, you would have actually ended up getting hit for NVFL and having your character permanently killed. Next time you're someone's hostage in the future, try not to back talk or tell your takers to shoot you. Realistically a person would be scared to hell in that situation and would do whatever they could to see the next sun rise.

With that being said,

Closed by: @Inferno @Duplessis & @Banshee

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