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Recently whitelisted, anytime I try to sign in with my character named Destun Hatfield or Destun I  get kicked. That's the name of the character I submitted with my whitelist application so I'm a bit confused.

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Hey TickleFlap! Sorry to hear you are having issues. Sometimes you can get kicked because you haven't spelt it correctly on the Dayz launcher, once you press play and load up the launcher, go into the "parameters" section and make sure the name entered is spelt exactly the same as on the forums. So yours would be "Destun Hatfield". 

Also double check that the name is spelt exactly the same on the game when making the character before you load up into the server. 

Let me know if you have already tried any of these ^^ 

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Make sure there are no unneeded   spaces   before and after the name. 

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Also keep in mind - after your whitelist (unless it has changed) you will need to make a new character once you are accepted. You can use the character from your whitelist if you want as long as it fits the lore but the page will need to be remade.

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