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S1 BadRP Bashnya


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Server and location: S1 Bashnya

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/02/2020 0:00

Your in game name: Daniil Turgenev

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: Was at Bashnya hill looting, as one does, and about to leave when a dude shoots a few infected near me. I then hop on top of a barrack as I await him to emerge, and we talk for a bit. Dude helps me patch up my clothes and introduces himself as Griffith. I give him a wee bit of water before I notice someone coming up behind him. 

We are then held up by this new person and his 4 other friends who morph out of the darkness. I then get the standard "this guy has a lot of shit" RP before they notice that Griffith is the "hobo" they're looking for. I'm then tied up and told to count to 60 Mississippi aloud as they take the other hostage off to God knows where. After doing the boring count I radio my friends and head off on my day of liquidating people's stashes for rubles. 

All told the encounter lasted 4 minutes. They didn't take much, notably a large amount of nails, but I've yet to compare a before and after just yet to ascertain what all they took. More importantly the whole hobo thing felt more like an inside man excuse to leave the area.

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00:47:53 | Chat("Daniil Turgenev"): //STAMP



00:42:19 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<4011.4, 11877, 375.5>) 
00:47:18 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<4011.1, 11878.4, 375.5>) 

00:42:19 | Player "Raymond Daniels" (pos=<4033.1, 11818.1, 375.7>) 
00:42:19 | Player "Jeremy Miller" (pos=<4103.9, 11845.1, 384.7>) 
00:42:19 | Player "Ruslan Maksym" (pos=<4120.9, 11858.7, 379.1>) 
00:42:19 | Player "Carl Swanson" (pos=<4034.6, 11817.7, 375.7>) 
00:42:19 | Player "Joel Taylor" (pos=<4012.8, 11877.1, 375.5>) 

Calling in the following individuals for their POV and any un-edited video evidence they may have:

@Zanaan - Daniil Turgenev - OP
@TryFaceOn - Raymond Daniels - POSTED
@DocJeremy - Jeremy Miller - POSTED
@Vasily Zaitsev - Ruslan Maksym - POSTED
@Redemption - Carl Swanson - POSTED
@JoeRogan - Joel Taylor - POSTED

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POV: we were at NWAF looking for the "hobo". Found 2 guys talking knowing one was the hobo, Ruslan initiated so we could get names and take care of the radios so any friends dont show up. One tells us his name is Griff or the nickname the "hobo" goes by. At that time I confirm with Ruslan its the man we were looking for and decide to take him away for a privet chat. We did not want Daniil Turgenev to follow or radio in where we were so we told him to lay there for 60sec so we could have time to get out of the area and go about our other chat with Griff.  I knew nothing of some nails that were taken....


I'd also like to point out in the report @Zanaan  posted "tied up in the middle of a military compound in the open (thankfully the infected didn't hear me) I break free"..  At no point did we tie him up and the video shows this....  


I also dont have any video evidence to post.

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Good morning, 

Griffith POV: I woke up in the airfield down by industrial, Getting a feel for my surroundings I decided to radio my friends and tell them that I'm playing DayZRP today and I'm logged at the airfield, All of the people you see in the video happily came down to NWAF to regroup with me to do some looting runs and to have some fun roaming around the map making up some adventures. After I radioed them I made my way to tents because I normally find people there, I could see a fire from where I was on top of the bunker, Not wanting to go down to the fire and not seeing anyone I assume that there's going to be some people here, I tell my friends over the radio that I'm not alone here and I might need a hand. They respond and say we'll hurry up just talk with whoever you see and keep your radio on, (double mic) so we know if anything bad happens to you. So I tell them alright, I skip tents and head to the north barracks in search of the group or person that lit the fire, I hangout for a bit, They update me that they're by tents, I make up a pretty funny plan as a joke and decide to execute it, I tell my friends what I'm wearing and I say, You should rob me and the group of people I come across and make it look your looking for me, I make some noise and start looting and shooting a few zombies, I stick my head in a barracks room and poke my head out again, A man standing tall on top of a barracks roof, At first I was shocked that I actually found a person, At this time my friends we're already in this part of the airfield, Listening to me talking to the man over the radio, I never responded to them over the radio, I was talking to the man up until the point until my lovely kidnappers jumped out of nowhere and took a few things Zanann and snatched me up, I was told to keep my hands up and escorted out of the airfield and then we ran away..

(Quick note: The hobo thing is isn't to like troll or whatever, That's what my character looks like, Like I have civ gear and long beard and beanie and the new jacket that got added, So every time my friends run into me they're like, "What the hell Griff, You look like a stinky hobo dressed like that, Here put this on". Overall it's just something funny my friends have been teasing me about.)

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3 hours ago, DocJeremy said:



I'd also like to point out in the report @Zanaan  posted "tied up in the middle of a military compound in the open (thankfully the infected didn't hear me) I break free"..  At no point did we tie him up and the video shows this....  



This is true, mixing it up with an earlier situation where I was cuffed. I was not, in fact, tied up in this situation thankfully. I'll edit that part out.


On another note though, what is a hero group doing robbing people to begin with? Seems directly contrary to your group and character goals.

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POV: We arrived at NWAF looking for the "hobo"(our friend) we saw a campfire at the northern tents so we headed to the far tip of the airfield were my comrades Carl and Raymond said they spotted two men and one confirmed was wearing what the "hobo" was wearing me and Doc headed there fast as possible and spotted the two talking told Carl and Raymond we were moving in and when me and Doc approached I initiated told them to put there hands up then searched the man named "Daniil" removed his radio and nails and 7.62x39.We searched  the "hobo" took his radio,when the doc confirmed the mans name was griffith we knew we had our target then proceeded to take him for a little talk we told "Daniil" to lay on the ground with his hand behind his head and count to 60(hands not tied up) because we had no business with him. We then proceeded northbound where we had our private talk with the "hobo".

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didt think i specified that we knew the hobo
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Our friend had radioed us to meet him at NWA so we could all loot, while getting ready for the trip he had radioed in that he had spotted someone on in the area. We told him to be cautious and watch him we were unsure yet if we wanted to hold him up or wanted to find out if our buddy was safe or not. We attempted to get there as fast as we could to give him back up, and loot in the process. When we arrived into the area we learned quickly NWA was looted through pretty thoroughly. We decided to give @JoeRogan backup, we weren't sure if the man he had spotted had any friends in the area. On our way towards @JoeRogan we scouted the area to see if we saw any movement or anything out of the ordinary at the airfield. Didn't see anything and most of the areas was picked clean, so we tailed it over as quickly as possible to our friend. @JoeRogan came up with the plan to act as a friendly survivor (the Hobo) to distract @Zanaan , as we tried to get in better position and give one more quick look out and make sure he didn't have any friends close and in the area. @JoeRogan planned out that we would be looking for the "hobo" that he had done us wrong earlier, and we would take him off to have "a talk". @Redemption and I moved from one flank while @Vasily Zaitsev and @DocJeremy moved in from the other side. We held up @Zanaan and @JoeRogan in the process, I held my gun at @JoeRogan "hobo" while @Vasily Zaitsev gave direction to both to put their hands up and take their radios. After a little banter and jokes about bunnies and such @Vasily Zaitsev and @Redemption told @Zanaan to get on the ground and count to 60 Mississippi's so we could get out with our group before any of his friends arrived for backup. We ran out of the airfield and got out of the area as quickly as possible.

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Carl POV: We were radioed that one of our boys ( @JoeRogan)  woke up in NWAF and that we should help him loot the whole place. As I was getting geared up and ready to move out with @TryFaceOn@Vasily Zaitsev and @DocJeremy we were radioed that @JoeRogan spotted someone and that he might need help so we decided to book it to NWAF asap. Once arrived near the northern tents I radioed to @Joe Rogan that we were close to his position and he then explains that he has a good plan. If Joe gets spotted, Raymond, Doc, Me, and Ruslan are to hold him and whoever else is around him up and claim that we're looking for a "hobo" which fits the way @JoeRogan was dressed and take him away. To our surprise @Joe does end up meeting with someone and we found that out because he was double micing via radio and at this point we were all extremely close to his position which was the Northern barracks . Raymond and I were on one flank and Doc and Ruslan were on the other. @Vasily Zaitsev radioed that he would take primary initiation and that we were all to flank at the right time and circle them, which we did. Once we got both subjects to have their hands up @Zanaan and @JoeRogan were searched. I believe Ruslan took nails from Zanaan and I took 7.62x39 and some 5.56 and 1 metal wire. We left him with his gun and the majority of his other supplies. I told Zanaan to lay on the ground with his hands over his head and count to 60 Mississippi's while we ran away with our "hobo" before any of his friends were to show up.

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So two things, first, you all seem obsessed with the fact that you left me with stuff. This is not the issue. You robbed me, took what you wanted, then left with next to zero roleplay. I even told you I'd not radio'd anyone, nor said anything to indicate I had (ie no double miccing 'putting my hands up').

Second, I am still waiting on an answer to the question of 'why is a hero group robbing people?'. It goes directly contrary to your groups stated goals for you to be doing so.

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@JoeRogan | BadRP - NOT GUILTY
@Vasily Zaitsev | BadRP - NOT GUILTY
@Redemption | BadRP - NOT GUILTY
@TryFaceOn | BadRP - NOT GUILTY
@DocJeremy | BadRP - NOT GUILTY

@Zanaan | BadRP - NOT GUILTY


@Zanaan is up looting the barracks in Bashnya when he meets up with @JoeRogan under the guise of the hobo "Griffith". They converse for a few minutes when a party of men consisting of @Vasily Zaitsev, @Redemption, @TryFaceOn & @DocJeremy show up and hold them up. The attackers take Zanaan's nails and 7.62x39 ammunition. Overall, the robbery lasts around three minutes during which the attackers question Zanaan a few times about who he is, has he called any friends, and so on. Before departing with their ally JoeRogan, under the guise of the hobo Griffith, they tell Zanaan to lay on the ground and count to sixty before departing. 


Before we begin, the Gamemaster team would like to make it clear that despite the infamous '10 second robbery' meme, the length of a robbery should not determine whether or not it is BadRP. If the robbers provide roleplay to the hostage and the hostage replies in kind with a similar amount of roleplay, then there is no case for BadRP, excluding a circumstance wherein either side of the robbery begins to joke around or troll. However, this scenario was different to us.

TO THE ROBBING PARTY - (@Vasily Zaitsev, @Redemption, @TryFaceOn & @DocJeremy) - Judging from the video, it seems that you gave up trying to roleplay with your hostage towards the end of the robbery. You then left under the guise of leaving before any of his friends showed up. We would strongly recommend that in future, even if you are afraid that your hostage has allies that are in the area and may be coming to assist, it is never a problem to bring your hostage with you to continue roleplay. We would also like to note that you seemed to spend more time engaging with your ally the hobo than the hostage, which runs counter to the purpose of a lure. If you are going to hold someone up using a lure, always ensure that you focus your attention on the individual you used that lure on. Ultimately, the reason we have decided to go with not guilty in regards to the BadRP claims, is that you did attempt to interact with the hostage during the robbery, and we can't hold you entirely at fault since roleplay is a two way street. That brings us on to the second portion of this reason.

TO THE HOSTAGE - (@Zanaan) - To put it bluntly, we were not entirely pleased with your roleplay either. In the beginning of the video you were very talkative with JoeRogan, and as soon as an initiation is dropped you went silent. Over the course of the robbery your tone sounded frankly annoyed, and unwilling to participate, and your answers show this. You gave very simple answers to the questions posed of you, and did not attempt to interact further with your hostage takers. You could have asked why they were looking for the hobo, or sought out other ways of conversing with them to drive the roleplay forward. Instead you sat there quietly, and said to your stream "Totally reporting this." We are being lenient with you this time since we felt that although you were quiet, your behaviour does not merit a ban. Never forget that roleplay is a two way street, and even if you are frustrated with the situation you must put aside those feelings and focus on the roleplay.

With the above said,


@JoeRogan | No Punishment
@Vasily Zaitsev | No Punishment
@Redemption | No Punishment
@TryFaceOn | No Punishment
@DocJeremy | No Punishment
@Zanaan | No Punishment

Signed | @Duplessis, @Duke & @Inferno

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