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Lying In Report Appeal


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  • Sapphire

Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair:  I did not post the full video of the situation because I did not want to potentially be hit with flamebait due to the things said afterwards (seen by staff in HD) and also I did not want to cause OOC drama because its just simply toxic in a community. I was not trying to lie, I simply did not know that I could hop in HD and review the video privately with them until notified by my friends. After being told this, I instantly hop in HD and explain everything and show the full video of the situation where they explained to me what they thought abt it. After showing them the video I was told that I could hop in HD anytime to review videos or statements privately with a GM. I simply did not want to come clean in the report because it could potentially cause OOC issues and some of it I thought could have been flamebait but I have been told by gm's that it is not. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It was not my intention to lie in this report as I was told that I should only post what the report is really about. After trimming the video I deleted the full clip not thinking it was important and after asking for the video I did not think I still had it, posting the only 2 videos I had. Again I did not post this full video due to ooc issues.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed, ban date removed. (I believe that I should have received a verbal warning for this because like I said, I did not know that I could simply hop in HD to talk it out with a GM.)

What could you have done better?: If I had known that I could hop in HD and speak to a GM I could have done this from the getgo. 

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Hello Frosty,

A separate team of staff have looked over your appeal and have come to the following conclusion to partially accept it. No matter the reason you should not attempt to hide your video evidence. If you have it, post it, and if you end up clipping it just let the staff team know you clipped out irrelevant parts; don't claim that there was not a longer version. As you stated in your appeal you can also come to us in the helpdesk to show the remaining portion... should we ask for it.

We understand that you were afraid of being punished for what was said in the last portion of your video, and we also understand that the part of your video clipped was not relevant and did not affect the outcome of the report at all. Due to these reasons we have decided to lower your ban from a 7 day to a 5 day with three of those days served. You are still receiving a punishment because in the long run you did lie directly to us, in the future please just be honest.

/Appeal accepted; Punishment revised from: 7 day and 10 points > 5 day and 10 points (3 days served)

Signed by: @Jade @Hofer @Peril

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