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To the People [Open Freq.]


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  • Diamond

*a distorted voice would come across the open frequency* 

"To the people of South Zagoria.

I encourage you to rebel against this new enforcement zone. It is nothing more but a cage they wish to lock us in. 
Stay hidden, stay vigilant. Dont travel on the roads, stick to the trees. Stay in large groups. 

We will supply you with the items you need to fight against this detainment.. for now.. Stay hidden and stay safe. You arent alone." 

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  • Legend

*Fabian presses the PTT, his voice sounds old and tired*

"And who are you exactly? Rebellion has never benefitted us. For a decade we Chernarussians have fought and bled and died. Our families know suffering beyond imagination. And you want us to continue fighting? How is that in our interest, let alone the interest of anyone else? Too many people have died... this is our last and best chance to rebuild order and civilisation in this country. We can't lose it... not again..."

*Fabian pauses before he resumes speaking again*

"No more violence. Please. For the sake of our children and the world we are leaving behind for them. Enough is enough."

*Fabian lets go of the button and returns to his garden boxes*

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  • Diamond

[A male Chernarussian sounding voice pops up on the frequency, sounding somewhat muffled, perhaps it is intentional measures or simply transmission or broadcast quality.]


"Now who could this be? Clearly someone not benefiting of a relative resemblance of a normal life - under difficult conditions, sure. Someone likely benefiting from the chaos. I understand people might be wary, but no need to be paranoid or assume the worst. It is worth a shot as cleanup is attempted over the region to make the very forests and remote roads you want to hide near or in safe from the infected and, dare I say 'zombies' or rabies madmen and questionable elements of society now thriving unchecked.

An infection free or diminished zone with working power and electricity restored instead of hiding in the woods or darkness, where you alway have to fear for your life. I wonder what is better...

I know what I will chose. I want something close to normal life again and not this nightmare. Don't listen to people trying to scare you and at least judge it for yourselves."



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