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You've Got Mail [Open Frequency]

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*The radio clicks on with a small static hiss*

"Well hello there anyone that might be listening. My name is Sean Phillips, myself and my partner Aaron Darrington are joining together to help out any persons that might want it. We hope to continue a service that some may not notice, and others might miss. The mail! We will be delivering packages or messages limited to anything non-military or non biohazard, basically if you wouldn't give it to a postman before all this don't give it to us. You will see us around here and there and we hope to get a set route set up soon. If any leaders of groups have interest in getting yourself on our mail route just give us a shout. As of the present moment I will be in Berezino, I hear a bar has opened up this way."

*The radio clicks dead*

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*Willem presses down his PTT, coughs for a brief second as to clear his throat, and calmly says*

''This seems a little bit of a poor time for that, friend. I laud the initiative, mind you, but everyone is being forced to move to Chernogorsk in about a week. Perhaps you ought to clear yourself an office space there, and start running a postal service inside the city, rather than travelling between the towns.''

*He takes a drag from his cigaratte, and can be heard shifting his weight, some of the bullets in his bag tapping against one another, audibly so*

''Either way, if you need more information, or want a place to reliably run to and from for the coming week, you need to visit the large school in Novaya Petrovka. There's a small community set up there, I'm sure they would get the most out of a reliable postman.''
''Do stay safe on the road.''


*After he's done speaking,  PTT is released, and the man's voice fades from the frequency*


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*Sean hears the transmission and smiles at getting information before pressing the PTT*

"Well thank you for the info stranger, hadn't heard about the move to Chernogorsk but I suppose we can move when it happens. I'll make it a point to head to Novaya Petrovka. I hope safety for you as well."

*Sean states before releasing the PTT button, standing up he moves to pack his bag to start walking.*

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