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Guest Tonymaroni

Dr.Tonymaroni introduces himself [RP]

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Guest Tonymaroni


It wasn`t a usual day in my hospital in Elektrozavodsk where i worked as a doctor after is studied in Germany, when we suddenly got a lot of calls of people who were attacked and bitten by their own family members.Everybody it seemed like went crazy that day.

Our emergency center didn`t stand still as more and more people were taken there with biting wounds.I realized that something has gone really really wrong.....

From my days in the army, where is also was the head of the medical center, i learned the basics of weaponry and was able to defend myself against the growing, raging horde of monsters appearing everywhere.

I was able to pick up a few basic weapons from the dead soldiers who try to defend our hospital....with no success...

There i am now...left with little food and health care supplies...waiting on top of the hospital...throwing flares for the living to see...

I`m not a soldier so therefore not very trained in weaponry.So if there is a survival group out there....anybody....hearing my shouts...i`d appreciate your help and give my medical knowlegde in exchange.Blood transfusions, bandages or fixing broken legs is what i do and i am the best in it.

I hope somebody reads this.There is still hope for humanity and i`m willing to fight for it at all costs.Even if it has to be my life i have to give.


Hey there fellows :)

I`m a German guy who tries to RP a bit in here.I`ve realized that there are not that many people doing it.It`s basically just a server with none or less pvp.

I´ve not been into the forum too much yet so there maybe some clans or groups who do it.I`m looking for those kind of groups.I usually hang out in the shout box, so if you see me there and need medical help, give me a call :)

Greetings Dr.Tonymaroni

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Everyone RPs in their own way, there is no way for us admins to force and control everyone to roleplay a character. Some groups are roleplaying though, you might find them on forums :)

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Guest Tonymaroni

Thanks Rolle for your kind words :)

Yep everybody does it like he feels.That`s the beautiful thing about it.Even on the "normal" servers i encountered good Rp situations even if i didn`t Rp :D

Nobody should be forced to do it.I`m also not an uberhardcore rper.

I might have found a group though, we will see.


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