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Mason Final Warning Appeal

GG Boys

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Link to Source of punishment (report/post): 

Report warnings

Why the verdict is not fair:

It was more than fair and probably a long overdue punishment

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 

        Where to start with this, So I was banned back in March and was let back on amnesty in June. I did a lot of sketchy things that led me to being on amnesty. The report that actually set me over back in march was a BadRP report but there was a lot more to me getting to that point than just that. Since coming back, I have stayed true to my promises that I made in my Amnesty Appeal. I have stayed clean, showed a desire to prove that I have bettered myself. Prove that I want to be part of this community, and I believe my OOC attitude and IC attitude/ actions show that I have grown. I have been part of many discussions on the Forums as well as playing in game a lot and staying overall active. I have also reported in game bugs or glitches I have found in game as well as other exploits I had known of or found out and told the dev team about them either in DMs or in the bugs channel on discord. I believe that I have improved myself and I will keep on doing just that past this appeal regardless of outcome.

       To note just a couple of examples of things that I have tried. I, and many friends, Joined the RAC when I got unbanned which was way out of our comfort zone. We were not used to the type of RP that was presented in RAC and I think that generally speaking, we did pretty alright. There are always things that could have been done better but I think that the experience I provided to other people while playing with RAC was much better than what I was doing before. Again, Thank you @HarveyLR for allowing us a chance to play in your group.

        With this I have also cleared or at least attempted to clear up a lot of OOC tensions I've had with many different community members. Some members were never interested in settling things which is fair but some of those that have, I have become friends with. I used to see a lot of things as other people's fault, or that I was being targeted, stuff like that. Nowadays I just take care of my own and am understanding that my actions are my own, and not done by someone else. Situations I have been in, as well as things I have said, are my own and I understand that I must take responsibility for those actions that I made and not make an excuses for them if they are unjust actions..

What would like to achieve with this appeal:

Final warning removed

What could you have done better?

       Since coming back, I could’ve done a lot of things better. I made a few mistakes along the way that could have been avoided but i've learned from these mistakes. Past this appeal, I will continue to improve myself. Even after this, I will continue to improve both my attitude, and the way I conduct myself in game.

       I think the biggest thing that perhaps showed improvement was back in early august, I received a message from the admins about some things they want to see improvement upon as well as some other critiques with it. As they had said, “Old Habits Die hard” I made more promises with my response to them and I feel as though I have delivered on those promises. Cutting back from the, as they put it, “PVP Monkey” 

       I believe I have shown my desire to RP and not treat this server as a PVP server. There are some specific details within that message that I will not share here but if you look back at what was expected, I feel as though I have improved upon or completely gotten rid of some of those habits. With that, I am still continuing to work on improvement. I have a long way to go but I have put in the effort to show that I am doing my best to improve as well as having actually improved. When i'm off final it won't be back to my old ways, I will continue critiquing myself and being better.

      I want to thank the Staff team and the community for being patient with me. I am understanding of the reputation the precedes me and can understand anybody that may have ill will towards me. I hope that within these last few months I have proved some people otherwise and if not, I hope to prove it in the future. Thank you.

(Also I dunno when my actual appeal date is supposed to be or how to check. I just know I was let back in mid June so I think its been 3 months?)

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As OP has been permanently banned this appeal will now be closed.

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