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Game crashed while driving.


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My game just crashed while I was driving. When I logged back the car was bugged into a fence making crashing noises. Now I can't go anywhere because the sparkplug ruined. Is there anything I could do in this case since it isn't my fault or thats it I have to dump the car?

Thank you!

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Just have to dump the car ?

We don't do refunds or any special favours as that's simply the experience of DayZ by the end of the day.
Finished game by the way.

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Unfortunately you are gonna have to find a new sparkplug. If it's completely stuck I think you might have to leave it.

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Hello @Menya

You will need to relog and drag the item onto the ground. Just so you know, if you relog your character will not be killed.

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Not a problem, we are all here to help ? .

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