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New item shop items / Deduct item shop purchase amount from BLACK price


Should total amount spent in item store be deducted off the BLACK rank total price?  

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First suggestion is a must, that's to add the new clothing which the devs have made to the item shop.

Now for the main suggestion..

Since you can check how much money you've spent in the DayZRP item shop, I believe this should be deducted from the total price of the BLACK rank as this would allow more players to obtain the rank and also for players to obtain the rank who've spent a fuck ton of money in the item store.

At the moment BLACK rank can get any item from the item shop for free, this idea came as I considered everyone who used the item shop and put a mass amount of credit in before the rank even got released.


edit; even deducting the amount people have spent before the black rank got released instead of post black rank?

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Can't reaslly speak on the item shop since that's entirely a roland thing

As for the discount, Roland explained you already get a massive discount by buying Black since the total cost of the entire item shop is well over 500 so discounting would give waaaaaay more discount than intended

You still get a discount based on your current rank, I believe it's only a 300 upgrade from Diamond, 400 for Sapphire and so on

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I think this should answer your question regarding the black rank;


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