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Sato's Memoir

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if you had told me, that one day i would be stranded in a country far unlike my own, surrounded by infected beings that seem more ravenous than any animal, and that these people were human? I would have laughed in your face. However Seeing as how this is exactly what happened, well. It's eye opening, The fear of the infected bashing down your door every waking moment, Of struggling to find basic food and water, To be truly alone? It would be maddening. My only solace, Has been a wonderful woman i have grown to adore, She is a light shining bright in these dark, bleak times. 

-An sketch of a set of runes would litter the page, seeming to have some personal significance- 

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I haven't written as much as i would like, this is; in part, due to recent events that have kept me quite bust over the last month, My daughter; Is alive. I still don't know how to fully process this fact, I had thought she'd fallen with the others. I should have stayed, I should have looked for her; But i didn't, That's my cross to bare. I'm just overfilled with emotion that though some act of divine grace, she has returned to me. 


If i ever find those responsible for taking my daughter from me the first time, They will meet their end, Not a quick death; I promise.

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