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No access to old steam acc


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Hey, I've been thinking about coming back to play again (I only have around 5 hrs on the RP server but nonetheless) however I don't remember my steam account details. If my history still shows it written somewhere on this forum, I was using an alt account for CSGO that happened to have dayz on it, but there's no way for me to get that info back since it's been years and I'm dumb not to save it. lol

So I was thinking of purchasing dayz on my main steam account that I use for all my other games - would I still be able to get whitelisted with 0 hrs? Same for my GF who would want to try out the RP server but has never played dayz before. (the standalone, the mod she played)

That's all I need to know before I decide to buy the game haha.


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Hey, Rei! To make this change, you'd have to contact the Administration team through a Support Ticket. Explain your situation and they should be able to change which Steam account is linked to your forum account!

Hope this answers your question!

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