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Man-Made Misery


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Part One: Four Horsemen

On the 4th of July 2020, the HARO field hospital received call of casualties that were incoming. They were unaware of what their injuries were however they tried to be as ready as they could.
In the perspective of Dr. Alek Vetrov, on call Trauma Surgeon at the time.




We have multiple casualties coming in from the front entrance, get ready to triage and provide critical care in the gymnasium.  Remember, these people are going to be in shock, make sure to check them over completely. 

These symptoms are the same as Frenzied cases, Alek..

Ano, it looks like that. Make sure you are all wearing your masks and other PPE gear. Their systems seem to be shutting down, getting aggressive. They all seem to have an advanced case of the flu. Use restraints if need be, and tell that LilBB to turn that damn camera off!

Have you seen the marks on their arms, their head lacerations too? The way these marks on their arm shows, it looks forced

You’re right, it looks like someone forced this on someone. They don’t seem to be on any sort of medication.
Blood shot eyes, darkening veins, Muscle spasms.
These are serious cases, we need to be careful here. Play it smart. 


There is only so much we can do for them. Treat the symptoms, there isn't a damn cure yet! 

At the rate this is going, they wont survive the next hour. It's completely destroying their body. We have already lost one patient and the RAC have shot the other in self-defense. Continue to treat whatever they show, I've never seen such an advanced and fast case before. Something isn't right here, and I don't know what! 

I'll take the first deceased up to the surgical suite, we can do an autopsy later tonight if things work out down here.

Don't hold your hopes up, this is going to be a long night. That's if the RAC don't shoot the rest of our patients tonight. 



These are new events that are going on in game. It is up to you to work out what is happening from in game interactions. Please do not take this information in game if your character does not know about it. This event was from the four horsemen event which can be found by clicking here.


Part Two: Letter to Tasha




Footsteps echoing along the empty streets, a sound disturbing the eerie silence that has taken a hold of most places these days - and yet, he barely takes notice of it, or any of his surroundings. The sound of his own erratic beating heart overshadowing everything else

Are they still there? Did they follow me?! What was that movement?!

Finally - shelter … maybe he would be safe there? Hiding in one of the hallways, or in one of the many empty rooms …

I can hear them - Still hear them! Tasha is that you?

Reaching for something to leave a last message, a final goodbye. The crumbling of paper, erratic handwriting as the pen scratches along in a hurry.

I’m done for - they are here. I know it. They got me. They did this to me.
I can see them - approaching, coming closer! So dizzy … is this even real anymore? 

Shots rang out through the night as he begins to pull the trigger in panic, aiming at whatever he sees. Whatever is there for him. They stop for a while and only his rapid breathing fills the silent again. 

It was not real … was it? I don’t want to share that same fate! 

One last time his eyes fall onto his hands and arms, trembling, holding on tightly to the pistol before he raises it to his head - and one last shot rings out through the night.



Part Two was from the event on 22nd of August. A body was found in Novya school by two people. From then, they called for help and many people tried to figure out what happened. A letter was found in the dead mans pool of blood revealing some information on these events. 


Part Three: Teenage Torment 

In the late afternoon on the 30th of August, a young Russian boy was found on the side of the road, close to Gorka. The boy suffered a large stab wound to his lower left quadrant with clear signs of abuse. He was found by a doctor and her companion who took him to the safety of Berezino. Due to the confusion and theories about the boy that he heard, the young boy took a screwdriver and stabbed himself into the neck. 


Please, do not let me go back there. I do not want to die, don’t take me back! 

We wont let you go back there, don't worry. Do you remember what happened to you? 

I do not remember. American men with guns hit me on head and I had blackout. I woke up with the men with guns helping some Russian man put things in my arm, I had wires and bleeping machines all over me! I do not want to go back there, please don't let me go back! 

Don't worry, that wont happen. We will look after you now.

The Russian man was not nice, he will not like me escaping. But I heard the alarm and made a run for it. I did not look back. I don't want to die or turn into one of those sick people like that man outside said I would...I want to go home..


So this kid got tested on or something? 
I don't think he was tested, but he had something done to him. Needle marks on both of his forearms, did you see that? He was kidnapped by Americans and taken to a locked room somewhere, who would do that to a kid? He doesn't look good though, pale, dark veins, you know what this looks like, right? 

Yeah, I can see what's happening here. Give him some room, let me rest until we can get more information. He will be safe now.

I don't want to turn into one of those infected like he said I would. I WANT TO GO HOME. I DON'T WANT TO DIE. PLEASE. 

Put the screwdriver down kid, we can help you. 

I-I-I don't want to be one of those crazy people! 




Part Three was from the event that happened on the outskirts of Gorka. The young boy was stabbed and hurt. He was taken to Berezino for medical aid but later killed himself from the pressure of the others mentioning his symptoms to be like the infected. 


Part 4: A Wider Experiment

Three civilians were kidnapped by a large group of Americans, all wearing the same outfit near Zelenogorsk. They were taken to a large prison by boat to meet a doctor. On arrival they were locked in cells and testing began on one of the hostages. That hostage was later shot due to complications with a test. The remaining two hostages managed to escape from the island and ran to freedom, and to tell the world what had happened. The search for the missing survivors is still underway. 


Bring the lady in. Get her on the table and put her in restraints, she is already sedated so all is well, she won't try to fight back. We need to get this process underway, I do not have all day. 

What is t-that?! The needle, what the hell are you doing?!

The needle is for the greater good, you are doing everybody alive proud. Just a little scratch here and there and your body will do the rest. Just relax and close your eyes, it will all be over soon. 

What is happening to me?! Please stop! Growling 

Okay, now this little joy toy is hopefully going to help you now. Pass me the syringe. Let’s see if this works. Oh and if this does, I am going to be one rich Russian man.
Now this just goes into her vein here like so…. And we wait.


*Silence before a burst of aggression*

Shoot her!!
It didn’t work, I-I need time to work on some changes with the fluid. Put them back in their cells and keep them alive. I need them for the wave of the experiment. Of course if they try anything stupid, do what is needed. There are plenty of other people on the mainland and that bar in Berezino is pretty busy. I am sure we can get some pissed up butcher back here to help. 

Give me a few hours, I will whip up a new formula. Let me know of any changes that happen while I am in my lab. 

Yes Dr. Korolev



Part 4 was from the event where three civilians were kidnapped and tested on in a secure location. This was a breaking point in the event series as they got to meet the person behind the mysteries and chaos that is happening. The surviving prisoners did end up escaping from their cells and managed to run to safety.


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Both this event series as well as the blackout series are currently going on in game. Both threads will constantly be update with new information. To take part in either events, get in game and listen out for them radio calls. Enjoy! 

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