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Journey to Deer Isle part 1

Pink Misfit

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A week ago I was sent over to deer Isle with Sam ( @ContheTank )  to find out some information for Ivan Belic  ( @cjackson821 ) and Eliot Belic ( @kalyri ) regarding their father and some information that was found in his journal.  On the first day it took a few minutes to orient ourselves since we had not been here before. Sam and I wondered around for a bit, trying to find anyone we can talk to, but we couldn't find anyone, not one single person. How can this be, how come we couldn't find one living person? As we where looking for living people we found a couple of tents, and other supply's we need to get our start on this Isle that we could use to make a camp with. By the time we got the camp set up it was late, so we made our way  to the tent.

On the second day we woke up and set out to continue our search for the person we were sent there to find. while we where out we found some more supply's and a Truck. We took those back to camp and  cooked food, and ate. while we where getting things put away, we see a man coming our direction, he looked failure... OH MY! who do  we see its our Friend and Co-Worker Han Lee ( @TZ ).  As we catch up and find out why hes there. He told us his story of his journey why, He stated he was there on vacation, but the tone of his voice said other wise. Later that evening Sam tried to send out a broad cast to the main Island to much of our dismay it didnt go thou, he did how ever get in touch with some other living persons on the Isle. One of them being another one of our Co-Workers who apparently came to the isle with Han Lee. Jager ( @RocJag ) some how got separated from Han Lee so Sam set out to go fetch him in the truck with Han Lee while I stayed behind and fished for dinner. They all came back to camp and we all called it a night




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