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Hello there survivors!

In our continuous effort to make our servers non-KoS and to punish rule breakers more swiftly we have introduced a support system in the Report forums.

Hopefully this will allow GameMasters to go through reports quicker and punish those who breake the rules.

In other news:

- We are preparing to add whitelist to our servers. It's not an easy process so it may take quite a while in order to integrate the server whitelist with the forums.

- 1st and 3rd person view setting is once again debated here. What is your opinion on the subject?

- Utes DM1 and Fallujah DM2 servers should be back up this week, thanks to Saneram who was kind enough to host these servers on his hardware.

- Work on the trade post has been halted, as I do not have enough time to finish this project. If anyone has experience with ArmA2 editor and hosting DayZ servers and would like to take over this project, please PM me. Contributor ranks and other perks await for the brave :)

- New skins and vehicles are possible to add the game and donation shop through use of rMod, see thread about it here.

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Sounds like your a busy man Roll-e :)

also these changes will benefit the community greatly and i cant wait to see the whitelist in place, Also will characters be forced to keep one name or is that not possible?

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i could whip up a mission sqm with a trade town, all you'd just have to tell me where and it would take maby 30 mins. i used to do it for my server, also it takes Alot of stuff to lag out a server, we had about 3000 objects building wise before our server had any negative impact.

a basic little town takes maby 50 objects total and more if i was to add little cosmetic things like empty ammo boxes near the gun shop or food near the main stalls and so on.

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