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[Chernarus] To Seek Business (Open)

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*A cold breeze mixed with a warm fire gives the body mixed signals*

*Jack sits next Mickey and Sev, they all pass a lit cigarette to keep their bodies warm*


"If anyone can hear this, my name is Jack. I work for an organization of traders throughout this area. There are rumors among lowly people about our company. I'm not sure why this is. We trade goods and services, whatever you need, we will provide it in time. That is it. Our traders are friendly men. They are open to any and all deals that will benefit each party. These rumors should cease immediately. By no means is this to threaten or scare, but just to keep our slate clean and respectable. If you find yourself in or near the triangle, and see a man trading, there is a good chance he works with us."


*Jack ashes his cigarette on the ground next to him and sets the radio down*

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