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[Chernarus] Another Night with Hope


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*The rain pours on the tent as the R-105 is turned on and tuned. A lit cigarette, a glass of Vodka and a old picture of a CDF squad is all that's with the minister as he readies his notes. The distant sounds of gunfire fueling his mind. With a sigh he flicks the switch and transmits to Chernarus.*

Dobrý Den children of Chernarus. Friends, enemies and those stuck between it all, I once again hope to bring some warming words tonight.

*a quick sip of the vodka before continuing*

As I give this little sermon many are facing the horrors of the modern times. War, famine and disease. Brothers fight brothers and many of us are still adjusting to this new world. The Blood of many is being spilt and fellow children, none of us are innocent. Yet none of us are damned. The two men at either end of their rifles carry with them the belief that their causes is right and their opponent is wrong. I am here to tell you all that despite all that, we must not forget what can guide us... faith and hope.

*a long drag of a cigarette is heard before he continues*

A man who has nothing can still have faith and through faith he can build hope and with hope you can build a better future. Work to overcome the evil of the world children. I dont care how you view the daily politics, you should strive to hell your fellow man...

The eyes of God don't miss much and the spirits of the forest will whisper our sins. Be honest to yourself and others. Understand that one day you will have to look apon your actions in life and defend them before god.

Live a good life people of Chernarus and don't let the hope die!

*he finished the glass and sighs*

Slava Chernarus.

*the radio cuts out as the rain picks up. The minister signing deeply before packing up the equipment*

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