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(Chernarus) CLF information from Viktor Petrov


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Viktor sits behind his desk. He looks at some old pictures he made while being undercover within the CLF. He sees the Major's and Kapitan's face and says "This is your fault stupid cock sucking dogs." He would put a circle around both of their heads before pressing the PTT


After Viktor plays the music he smiles and sits back. He takes out a cigarette and light it. He says to himself "Горят в аду собаки CLF" (Burn in hell CLF dogs)

After the music stops playing, the broadcast would repeat itself 2 times each hour for a couple days untill it fades out


-    This is a message from Viktor Petrov   -

"The terrorist organisation named the Chernarus Liberation Front is a organisation who have killed and threatened many innocent people over the past months. I want the people of Chernarus to be safe and that’s why I will release the plans and names of the Chernarus Liberation Front."

"I have seen alot of the suffering that the CLF caused and I was disgusted by it. I will admit that I made my mistakes while working undercover. I lost my true goal and I started to believe in their horrible cause. Luckily I came to my senses before it was too late. Their major named Dimitri Stepanov told his men that he didn’t care about the civilians. That he would use them untill the CLF got their power back, to then get rid of them. I understand that many of you won’t believe me but trust me, if you have relations with the CLF I suggest you get rid of them. The Tsepov family have tried to reach out to the CLF multible time to talk about peace. Major Dimitri Stepanov tried to set them up multible times but failed. The Olsha people also trusted the CLF and always gave them valuble information. Unfortunally I got orders from Kapitan Aleksei Smirnow to betray the Olsha people and shoot their leader Bishop. He told me that if I wouldn’t do that he would do it himself but he would kill them slowly. I had no choice and I had to gain their trust."

"Major Stepanov also had a plan to go undercover and join the HARO as a surgeon. I want to warn the HARO for this man. All he wants is to destroy you."

"This is the list of people that I know of within the CLF. Be aware that they might go under false names."

"Major Dimitri Stepanov."

"Kapitan Aleksei Smirnow – he pretends to be a school teacher and never had his bratri's back in firefights. He always surrenders. A true coward."

"Radomir Reznik"

"Damek Novaki"

"Lucina Liska"

"Krystof Beznak"

"Drahoslav Kucaj"

"Karel Prochazka"

"Radzig Kobyla"

"Pavel – last name unknown"

"Milli – Last name unknown"

"Pyotr Jewiski"

"Alexander – last name unknown."

"Midori – First name unknown – A Japenese woman with a Japenese accent. They are truly desperate."

"There is information out there that they are working together with the people who live or lived in Cherno and the people who live or lived in Zelenogorsk. I heard messages on their secure radio frequency about working with people who live in a castle too, something that I can't confirm."


"People of Chernarus, hunt and kill those terrorists before they kill your loved ones."

"Viktor Petrov out."

//I asked the members of CLF to message you if I had any names wrong. Noone stepped forward.


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  • Titanium

*Radomir Presses PTT*

'' Oh , Vitejte holy lands of Chernarus. Dekuji old man , dekuji for making me famous. ''

*Radomir grins wide and throws radio to the wall after releasing PTT*

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  • Diamond

*A man stands in a field in the rain, drenched head to toe*

*He would notice his radio come to life with the voice of his comarde and scarbble to grab his radio from his belt*

*He would push the PTT*


"medved' vykhodit iz tsirka i napravlyayetsya v gorod"

*the bear is out of the circus and heading to the city *


*The man would place the radio back on his belt and nod to the people around him*


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  • MVP

*Adrik would pick up his radio*

"I can verify, the Tsepov Family attempted multiple different times to have a sit down to avoid any blood shed, we even aided the enemy in an attempt to save Viktor's daughter."

*Adrik would put his radio down and continue enjoying his meal*


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  • Sapphire

Damek would press his PTT 

"All.. All of those times we laughed together, spent together in missions and fought side by side was for nothing? and now you call us terrorist aswell?"

He'd let out a big sigh before continuing

"I trusted you Viktor, you were one of my closest friends.. How could you?"

A vodka bottle could be heard thrown against a wall before static

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  • Emerald

*Maksim begins to chuckle, as he listens to the broadcast*

*After hearing the whole broadcast he presses the PTT on his radio*

Man... You terrorists couldn't even notice, that you had a spy amongst your people?

*He pauses and begins to laugh hysterically, after that he resumes speaking* 

Your little shitty organization is going down and i'll laugh my ass off watching it happen.

Nostrovia, CLF Scum!

*Maksim would release the PTT on his radio and take a shot of vodka*

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  • Sapphire
2 hours ago, The Preacher said:


*Alex presses the PTT on his radio*

"It's almost like you forgot how a well organised military organisation can't figure out who is snitching on them"

*He pauses and grins*

"Besides, maybe if your men would have practiced thier aim better we wouldn't be a thorn in your sides anymore."

"Now next time you have shit to talk , please do it in our faces , like that woman Dina did."

*Alex Drop's his radio*

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*Sung Ho respond*

"I know Midori! Not first name, Midori last name, not know first name."

*Sung Ho not respond*

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  • Legend

*Major Stepánov would look at his radio in disgust before replying*

"Whatever you say Petrov. But you're forgetting your past and most of what you're saying here is a lie. You worked alongside us, you forged alliances, which you ultimately broke down yourself with shit choices that caused the people to turn on us. If anyone is a monster in this world it is you alongside the russians. You are a match made in heaven..."

*he would pause slightly, inhaling some air*

"I considered you a friend, and I backed you through your horrible choices. Whatever suits you though. I cannot believe that all that time of comradery and friendship has been tossed out the window, how someone can turn 180 degrees around like that. You're filth, Petrov. I hope you die a slow and painful death by the hands of your new friends. The russians will backstab you, and when that happens you will see the green light again before you fade to black..."

"If they don't, I cannot wait until we find you or your precious daughter. Rot in hell, dogpig"

*in anger he would throw his radio into the dirt and look up at the Chernarussian flag hanging above his head"

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