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A Hello From John Monk

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John Monk had his first official full play session yesterday and it was a blast! A lot of things happened but the big thing was he's already become affiliated with The Pedlars thanks to @Cas and @Dan I guess they couldn't resist that southern charm. Also a big thanks to @TheDeepOne, @William89 and of course the man I joined DayZRP with @CyxGamingg. And anyone else I had briefly met. John's story is just starting and things get deeper than anyone can imagine I hope people get to see it and enjoy it that's all I can hope for and all I want to be here for. See you all out there.

- Monk aka John Monk

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Glad to have you lad welcome

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Hello, glad to see that you're having a good time on the server. Hope to run into your character IG.

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Welcome glad you have a good first play session.

music video cheers GIF by Vevo
to many more 

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