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[Chernarus] To the thief who stole our car and tent


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  • Sapphire

*Luke storms around the compound, kicking barrels and plants all over the place. With palpable anger he punches out the window in the house, blood rushing down his arm, he sits on the front of the broken car and pulls out a cigarette after putting a bandage over the cut on his forearm. Luke lights the cigarette and pulls out his radio, through gritted teeth he begins to speak.*

"My name is Luke Holland. I am a member of a delivery service in the Eastern side of the country" 
*He takes a drag from his smoke.* 
"I've come home today to find our compound broken in, the lock on our front gate busted off, our red tent gone, and our green car gone. Whoever stole our things left a note on the front of our compound saying 'Thanks for your loot, so glad to do business with you and your members Frankie'" 
*Luke clenches his fists whilst reading out the note, and slams it furiously on the hood of the car.* 
"I don't know who you are; your note suggests that you are a fucking pansy ass bitch. I am fucking sick of it. Bring our things back or I swear to fucking christ I will find you and fuck you up. You have 24 hours to do this, if you do not bring our things back in time I will hire every mercenary in this country to find you and bring you to us." 
*Luke considers if he's being too harsh on a simple thief, but quickly recounts on the previous five days of being robbed constantly.* 
"Bring. Our. Shit. Back." 

*Luke turns the radio off calmly, but his face suggests he is everything but calm. He loudly roars a couple of curse words and launches the radio at the wall of the compound, it collides into the wall with an almighty crash, sending pieces of plastic and metal all over the compound.*

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  • Titanium

*luka hold radio button*

"move on karen"

*luka stop radio*

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  • Emerald

Theo lets out a sigh

"No honor among thieves"

Theo shakes his head and rests

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