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[Chernarus] Looking for someone.


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  • Emerald

A tired and exhausted voice would flow over the frequency

"Hello? I sure as shit hope this works."
"A day or two ago i was at the Lopatino Castle with some friends of mine, we had heard of a gunfight happening and went up to give our support to the people that lived there"

"While we were there, two wounded people came up and required immediate medical attention."

"I am now looking for one of those people, he told me people called him Theo."

"He's about 180 cm tall, White skin... Almost pale, has brown hair and was wearing a white shirt."

"My reasoning for reaching out is simple, i want to make sure that he survived"

A short pause would follow

"i'd hate to see him go, he seemed like a genuine all around good guy."

The radio would then fall silent, as Theo waits for a response he might not get.

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