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Near Misses

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So let's set the scene.

Lev Yelagin is walking down the street in an unknown town, and spots a guy on a hill. All of a sudden, a bullet whizzes by his head; ICly he runs for cover and holds up a hand to signify he's friendly and not a fucking zombie. There's a pause before the guy fires again, and misses nearly, but it's kind of obvious he's trying to line up a shot and just sucks ass. Rince and repeat multiple times before Lev decides to just leg it as the guy gets closer.

Hypothetically, is there a point to where it's acceptable to just gas him, even if I myself haven't been hit, or should I just disengage/find cover until I can inititate/RP?

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  • El Presidente

If someone is shooting at you, you are allowed to defend yourself using defensive kill rights. Defensive kill rights are always valid if you're attacked, even if the attack is against the rules like in this case where it's attempted invalid kill.

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