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The Rosenhan Experiment - Media Thread

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29 minutes ago, CameronSquid said:


More on the way.

Damn, these videos are really well put together. Very creepy, and the interspersed 'artifacts' and breaks between clips keep up the immersion and horror quality. 

I wouldn't want to meet you guys in-game so, good job? Mission accomplished!

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Just now, CameronSquid said:

Thank you, I try to put as much effort into editing them. I mainly take my ideas for these videos from the SCP community.

That was definitely the vibe I got, felt very much like found footage that was put together. I look forward to seeing more!

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  • Media Team

I really love the editing! Keep up the good work people!

Mehr! +1

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  • Emerald
10 minutes ago, CameronSquid said:


Actors and babes who helped

Rook Dep - ME

Dr. Herman Murkoff  - @vanon02

Rachel Gardner - @Kattsura

Max Miller - @cfalzy

Sunny Abbot - @Timbuktu

Albert Dreyeden Jr. - @YaBoiChuck

Daniel McDermott - @Wee_L_LR

Kane Harris - @Acoladez

Vlad "Batsy" Mcblonk - @Iris

Devin - no fucking idea who this is.

Crazy man with AK aims gun at psychotic woman with AK (Gone Sexual) (Gone Crazy) (In the hood)

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