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Banned friend by Hofer

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Hi, I have a question. 

A friend of mine tried making a account and whas waiting for whitelisting.

His story whas not good enough, he had trouble filling in all the requirements.

I was going to help him once he was denied again, but he got blacklisted. 

He tried to contact one of the admins, asking friendly to have one other chance.

He (Hofer) replied with : "get the hint" and suddenly he got 30 points. And is permanently banned

Is this to be reversed? It's unnecessary and  looking at the reasons to get a permanent ban there is nothing 

He did to actually receive such a penalty.

Profilename: slufter102 


Hope this gets fixed, I just explained him how it works, and I will help him to set up


Edit: i cannot reply, so ill do it this way

He said he wasn't spamming at all, he can proof it because he is unable to enter his account.



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This is a matter for admins to resolve among themselves. He will be required to make a support ticket if he wishes to appeal the punishment given by @Hofer

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Your friend knows exactly why he was rejected and subsequently blacklisted.

Spamming the admin team with more messages after the final denial led to his demise.

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