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A Rambling Man [Open Frequency]


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*A tired and weary Vasily slumps into the corner of a run-down barn as he listens to the pack of angry wolves outside. Realising he won't be moving any time soon he unclips his radio and holds the PTT*


*He pauses for a moment, seemingly unsure of what to say next*

"It is odd, isn't it? Many of us thought the world would never get any worse and yet here we are. The country is more divided than ever, I used to know where I stood but now? I'm not sure I can recall the very ground I've been walking on my whole life.
Where did humanity go so wrong? To be so suspicious of each-other, to yearn to rip eachother's throats out. And for what? Violence has never helped anything.
For a man who has devoted his life to trying to fix the world, to try and piece it back together one part at a time... To watch it tear itself apart all over again is... Heartbreaking.
I have given so much for my people. I have paid in blood to at least try and fix this mess. And I get, captured, interrogated, accused, attacked and humiliated in return.
Where is a man's loyalty supposed to lie? How is a man supposed to have faith in those who have no faith in him?
It is a sad world we live in today my friends. There is only one way to get through this. And that is to work together as one. Put the past behind us. Have faith in each-other. Love each-other. The endless violence will get us nowhere."

*There is a brief pause as if there were more to say, but there is a click and static returns to the frequency.*

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*A deep toned voice  would come over the radio.*

"Hey man, keep your chin up, things can be tough at times and can go wrong but keep your head straight and push forwards. Don't give up, make every second last even though everything has gone to shit for the past few days and has no looks of a slowing down.

*Julius would pause then carries on.*

"You sound like a good lad, stay strong, keep your head straight and push."

*Julius would go quiet.*

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*A very calm voice can be heard over the radio.*

"Listen my friend I have had the same thoughts as you."

*Fintan pauses and a car can be heard driving past*

"I helped people and tried my best for people just to see myself get captured and hurt."

"We need to remember to stay strong and think positive."

"I know things are tough and i am struggling to keep positive." 

"Everyone needs to remember to not give up and to help as many people as they can."

"There are terrible people around but there's more good people." 

"We all need to stay strong and hope for the best."

*Fintan pauses but after a few seconds goes quiet*

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