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ex solider question?

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I was wonder, has any played or found anyone who's character is ex military, and not running around like they are fresh from the battlefield? 

Thought it could be very interesting to have a character who has spent his days serving and killing for his country, and with the horror that his seen decided to put down the gun and try an other profession, or teach other about the horrors of war ect. Thought that would be 100% more interesting than seeing an ex SAS officer armed to the teeth and killing everything in their wake. 

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I've met a lot of characters in the past that were ex-military. Some were armed to the teeth ready to fight again, some put their past aside and took to a more peaceful living. I haven't been able to play on the new lore yet but I'm sure that someone might play a character like the one you describe, and if not, then you could always be the one to create and play a character like that.

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In the previous lore setting, a member of our group was ex-sf. He would react different than the rest of us to certain situations.

Although he was ex, he seemed very much in active duty during the apocalypse.

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