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Lore question

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When I read the lore, spesifically the part where Chernarus is having a referendum about joining the Russian federation, I read between the lines that this election must have been rigged, as there is an over 80 % yes vote for joining Russia, a result I feel is more or less like the results we saw in Iraq under the despot Saddam Hussein, and other leaders like him when they held elections.

As I am roleplaying as a journalist, and have built part of my story on reporting on election fraud during the referendum, and also repoorts of the "silent" ethnic clensing of Chernarus (when a lot of Chernarussians fled the country, and were replaced by Russians that were beeing invited to come).

Will I have to change this in my backstory, or is it a fair interpretation of the lore?

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Your character can have any suspicions he has and is free to explore them IG and IC.

You don't have to change your story if you're out in the world trying to uncover the "truth" just be aware that IC Actions have IC Consequences. ?

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