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Restart During Active Situation

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So, some chuckleheads decided to drop an initiation less than 20 minutes before the restart. The restart happened as I was with a bunch of other civilians with our hands up. I've now been in the 14th position for the past half hour, give or take, since restart. So my question is, if something like this happens again when I or someone else is a more active participant of a fight, would we get flagged for Combat Logging if the other party so wished to report us for "not logging back on"?

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Simple answer is no as you are actively trying to get into the situation, staying of would however be CL.

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You would not - Unless you never log back in.
I'm gonna assume that you're reffering to the fight at the RAC compound just 30 minutes ago. The situation is over.

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What if I'm sitting in queue for 1-2 hours (Like you normally end up as) and get tired and have to go to bed? Do I get fucked because of the queue?

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If that happens you could either alert staff that you are in queue so they are aware in case a report gets made or reach out to the hostage takers. 

Usually a DM to a GM will suffice. 

Edit: Response to OG post.

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