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*Static would be cut short by a tired yet friendly sounding Chernarussian accent*

"Is this thing working okay? I have not had to use this for a while."

*Fumbling can be heard as he plays with the radio*

"I'm sure it is fine... There was a girl, I met her in the RAC camp in Vybor. She was very scared and was looking for her father as this father is Chernarussian I offered to help. I am looking for any information that may lead to finding this girl. I am only trying to do right by my Chernarussian brothers."

*More fumbling can be heard as the radio turns back to static*


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*The static would cease once again, and the same voice would be heard*

"To anybody listening to this frequency, apologies. I was not clear the last time.
The girl I mentioned, she is American, and I am led to believe she was kidnapped by the CLF in the supposed safety of the RAC compound. Surely, what does this say about our 'saviours'? Are they truly worthy of helping us if they allow a young girl to be kidnapped on their watch?
Any information will be appreciated, I do not have much in terms of payment, but I do not let good help go un-noticed."

*There is a brief pause, followed by an exhausted sigh before static returns*

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An American voice would come over the frequency, clearly agitated at the end of the day

 Are they worthy of helping us? That may be the most arrogant, egotistical thing I've ever heard. I don't know about you, but I'm inclined to take what help I can get. The RAC has done nothing but try to protect me and everyone else I've seen come into their camp peacefully and cooperatively.

I'm sure their may be other perspectives, but before you jump to conclusions, know several men nearly died trying to protect that girl. Maybe if you had been there you could have done something different. But you weren't. And those men were. Those men, who seem ready to die to protect the good people that are left, were there and did what they could.

Show some God damn respect for that; they're better than most of us.

 There is a long pause before the man speaks again

I don't have much in the way of a solid lead, but this "Good Doctor" I keep hearing about might know something. He supports the terrorists, and maybe they owe him a favor. Hell, I can't think of why they themselves would want the girl. Maybe they took her to him as payment or a "gift". God that makes me sick. Regardless, I don't know, that's just a theory.

I hope to God you find her though. Best of luck to you if you try, if there's anything I can do to help, find me around the Vybor camp.

The static returns as the man changes frequencies 

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**Your radio bursts to life, a static hum followed by a young American voice. Twinged in pain, she speaks her words restrained as if she is holding back,** 

"Old man? With eye patch? That you? 

Thank God ... 

I ... I don't know what happened, it all happened so fast. Those people rushed in, and that man. Greg, he ... arrived with me. He was trying to help me get to some people, people who were supposed to be able to help. Like the RAC, or the Russians.

**There is a brief pause, the static carries on before she speaks once more,**

We were close to Vyber? Viper? Vyborn? Whatever that town is called. 

I don't know him that well, but I think he was worried about me. Wanted to get me out of there and away from the fighting. He was saying something about it as we moved away. I don't know why he took me the way he did, I just think he didn't want anyone to get involved. Maybe he panicked too? He didn't get a chance to explain because some guy in the bushes shot at us!

I think he thought I was one of the people attacking, but I wasn't. I don't even have a gun! I was just trying to get out ...

**Her tone slowly grows more panicked as she continues, fumbling over her words** 

He didn't even say anything! Just shot! I didn't know what happened until I saw blood, my blood, all over my arm! I nearly hit the floor, but I was too scared. I didn't know what to do, I kept shouting at where he was "Please don't shoot me! Please don't shoot me anymore!" Then I heard Knox's voice and his friend. Thankfully, Josh wrapped my arm but I was in a lot of pain... When I huddled with them I realized the man who shot me was shot by Greg, and laying on the ground. I couldn't hear or see Greg anymore...

Then these other men ran up suddenly, and saw I was hurt. I thought they were more RAC people who were mad at me. But they pulled me away from the fighting instead and sent Knox and Josh away in a safe direction. We moved to some ruins or something. Away from the gun fire. One of them apologized for what happened, explained how he couldn't believe anyone specially a kid would get caught in the cross fire. How he could tell I was hurt bad, and I needed help. He said he couldn't leave me there to maybe bleed out and be okay with that, even if I wasn't Chernarussian like he was... Even though I'm half, but I didn't say anything ...

He was pretty mad at the Russians, kept saying how could they not see I was a unarmed kid in a field trying to get away? How they just shot at me without saying a word, no warning, or anything. I told him maybe that RAC guy was confused? And he said something about how military are trained to perceive threats and there was no way he was confused, he probably meant to do it. Said he had seen it before. But why me? Why would they shoot me? I didn't do anything but try to get away ... 

**Her voice pauses, a gulp of air is heard as she composes herself speaking once more calmer this time,** 

I'm sorry, I just ... I-I just want to find my dad, I just want to be with him. 

The men said I couldn't be around them anymore because it wasn't safe and they wanted me to be safe. They gave me some food. Some supplies, water, medicine and sent me away too...  They were very nice but  ... I don't know where I need to go. I don't know if Greg is even alive. I don't know where Mirek is or even Knox ... I don't know their radio numbers ...

**Her voice starts to crumble as it's clear she's starting to cry,** 

Please help me ... I'm in a town somewhere, there's a castle I can see a-and a church ... in the town. I'm scared to go in, I don't know I can run away too quick from the sick people ... "

**Your radio fizzles out, the transmission dies and awaits your reply.**

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