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Journal of Jack Ales Morgan -2020-


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June 4th, 2020

"Madness and chaos"

It's been 10 years since the civil war and Chernarus is looking like it happened yesterday. This strange "flu" has caused the country to go to hell. Homes abandoned, many people who have helped me hide and live leaving me notes saying to get out of the country or....well some have gone mad like the others. I still avoid most major locations because of my old CDF service and other "activities" but supplies are low. I need to find others that arent russians, RAC or...mad...

Anna is in my head again. I got no sleep because of it. She is lucky to miss what has happened to our country but by the spirits she was taken too soon! I decided I need to get these emotions off my head so my old journal is back with me.

Slava Chernarus.

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June 6th, 2020


I awoke near my sleeping spot at vybor, gathered my things and scavenged a lot of the military locations between there and Zelenogorsk. The RAC had massive gunfights throughout the day and I dont know who they were fighting. I dont trust them, same as ever. Once in Zelenogorsk I avoided the sick and decided to catch some sleep at the local hospital. Inside on of the rooms I came face to face with a russian soldier. It was weird being face to face but we just nodded and went separate ways. I should have shot him...

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June 7th - 8th, 2020

"From Russia with love"

I think I've hiked enough for the next few days. I had gotten drunk on three bottles of vodka and woke up in Berizino of all places. Hungover and unable to just go to the pharmacy for some aspirin I ended up following the coast with little contact until pavlovo military base where I met a polish man. Good guy, we looted the place for supplies and watched each others back. Headed to zelenogorsk to get some water but various people decided to cause a war and a horde of the sick was all over. I sadly lost my new friend. I ended up heading to Vybor only to find it empty. Word was they pulled out and I decided to hike to Novo to see the russians. A whole day later I come across a trader and a female soldier who is a "russian" local. We headed to town and the trader held onto my extra Weapon for me, stupid military restrictions. While inside it seems safe but I did notice a lot. Plenty of trucks unguarded and some blind spots, could snag a box or something while walking by. Secondary gate seems unguarded at times. Until I can find the CLF this is better than the woods. Even if there is Russians here...

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June 9th, 2020

"New home?"

I made it to Novo yesterday and today I would say it was uneventful but normal, at least as normal as it can be. Made some small trades with the russians, one lad bought some vodka with a pack of nails, definately a good trade since I took the bottle from one of their trucks, should not leave it on the back boys, this old dog knows his way around a military post. Quatermaster is a good man, clearly stressed but is willing to work with me, needs 7.62x39 in bulk so hopefully I can get some. The Chef is someone I think I can get some good civilian stuff from, made a donation of Carp. Hopefully he gets it. At this point I'm a trader and a fisherman. I did meet a trader that will be setting up a shop, Alexander is his name. I think this will be a good start to a new life. I was hoping to meet the CLF but if they want to be silent and the russians want to be nice then they get my efforts.

They really need to step up their game.

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June 14th, 2020

"Bug out"

It's been a few days but I can finally write another page. Lots to recall so....

Russians in Novo got bombed twice and had a massive gunfight. Whole place went to shit, I grabbed my stuff and dipped when I could. Came back the next day and it was empty. Took a trip to Berizino and found the RAC and other civilians. Stupid bastards didnt want to let us in despite having the ability to do the swabs. Was there over night and decided to leave. I traveled a good distance once more, big ole bag of gear and some civilian stuff. Whole military gear is dangerous so I stashed it. Eventually found myself north of zelenogorsk by a good amount and came across this dutch dude keeping a local castle maintained despite being a miner? Geologist? Doesnt make sense. But I'm here now and I'm just watching the radio hoping theres some other place I can go...maybe I will set up here though.

I'm tired though and I can write more later...

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*The writing on the page is sloppy, sometimes almost illegible, spats of blood are on the page*

Julyy 4 th, 2020

The pain the pain the pain!!

Ok ok ok ok I need to think cleorly.... it was days....no a week....a few days? Sometime ago while I was scavenging I got TACkled by one of the sick and motharfucker threw UP ON ME! JJST ALLL OVER MY FACE.... I knew I should have had a gas mask on or some thing! 

I need to tryandkeeptrack of my symptoms so I can show the HARo docs...

Ok I need to remember......

June 299th - incident, I thin k butt close enough!!

Jvne 30th - dizziness

JuIy 1 st -- Fever, cough, feeling sick, my chest hurts.... this rash too...

July 3rd: *the page scribbles off into a incoherent mess*

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July 5th, 2020

I've survived for now...

The docs took me in and tested me, confirmed my long term exposure to the flu. Somehow I didnt turn in 6 days yet I saw 4 turn the same day? Doesnt make sense but oh well. I'm alive and have the vaccine. My symptoms are slowly going away, this rash and cough are lighter and I can actually breath out of my nose again. One or two more days and I should be free of this strain. Hopefully the fucker doesnt mutate again...


CLF decided to raid the HARO hospital, there was RAC at it and I'm pretty sure it was for their rifles and equipment. RAC motherfuckers shot me in the leg and I just had to sit there. Reminded me of the war. Good times.

Maybe the motherland will be free once more.

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July 11th, 2020


I found myself in Olsha chatting with the locals who had finally returned when the radio sparked to life. The generators for the region seem to have been shut down or have spewed their last breath because we are in total blackout. Luckily I stock up on batteries and don't use the grid so no issues for me but those who like their phones might be having an issue.

Things will probably get worse without the power...somehow...

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July 13/14th, 2020

As I sit by a small fire in the woods, I contemplate my life to this point. I have just ran through the mountains with Olsha people in order to keep a tortured child safe from the mob. The people who I thought would liberate my country seem to be lost and the world grows mad. God speaks to me again yet the Spirits of mother earth whisper to me from the trees and I can hear my ancestors and brothers lost in the war speak to me when I sleep. The old gods walk with the New gods United against the evil of this age. And I must be their prophet...

The kids of Olsha seem troubled and cause many issues from what I found out but I will not abandon them. They are young. I made bad decisions when I was young too and by God and Earth i must help them...

I feel lost while also still feeling found. I'm torn between my old life and this new life that is happening. I wish to help though and that is what I will concentrate on...

Slava Chernarus

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July 26th - 28th, 2020

So much for that camping trip....

I'm back in this old castle I was at 2 months ago. As of writing this I was attacked by a pack of wolves while walking down the highway, fuckers were in the bushes. Run my ass half a mile and got my left leg and wrist tore up pretty bad and ended limping my way to the castle through the night. Pulling my leg up the cliff side FUCKING SUCKED!!!

Luckily some Irish friends found me and patched me up. June didnt give me the blow torch so that's a saving grace. Leg hurts like hell though, same with the wrist. That same day though RAC decided to come and raid the good old boys for their weapons. Luckily my bum leg and simple SKS ment I didnt get fucked with.

Yesterday after some rest I awoke to CLF buzzing around with the lads. Turns out they are being quite helpful to them. I had a good chat with a few talking about their time in the war. They were surprised a half breed like me served and even got rank but they didnt shoot me or beat me. Their Captain seems firm and fair and the others are good men. Hopefully I get to work with them more often...

At least after the leg is healed...

I think I might stay with these Irish fellows, they definatelty have shown me kindness even when they didnt need to...

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August 5th, 2020

"River Crossing"

Well I'm still alive and my leg is doing well, healing nice in the past week and a half. I've been doing my best to help tidy and organize the camp and once my leg is up to snuff I plan to earn my stay here. It's nice having good people to talk to and even the CLF have warmed up to this half breed. War stories get passed along so often. Had one blond fuck start a fight and then insult a bunch of us. I nearly shot him but....its not my house and I won't spill blood on a floor that isn't mine. Its rather nice out here.

I hope it stays like that.

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August 8th - 11th

I have a lot to write down today, I have been doing my recon and made a trip to the prison island with 2 friends. That was a mistake to bring them. The mental patients there are armed with military equipment and quite unstable. What ever one of the men saw it drove him crazy. Morphine, codeine, a good smack to the head, anything to keep him in line. Multiple times we had to knock him out, at least once he tried to kill himself. Rambling about voices and tea parties. It had me concerned and I should have been the one to go to that front gate.

After that I left with a CLF patrol to check out various towns looking for someone who was injured. Gorka was one location and we were able to pass by Alter. Not much there. I decided to camp out to clear my head once again. A solid day and night in the woods, letting the whispers of the trees guide me once more. This time no screams. Mother Chernarus was kind that night.

I finally made it back to the castle today and luckily everything seems in order. Many of the CLF were there and I swear it gave me memories of the CDF, fucking around in the woods on field ops.

Good times.

I hope more follow....

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August 16th, 2020

"Fight night"

Another day in this new world and honestly it wasnt bad. I woke up early in the morning, castle hasn't fallen luckily. Had a few of the boys in the castle when CLF with their Kaptain arrived, in uniform. Reminded me of CDF days. Turns out one got promoted, lucky for them. It was just a small ceremony, bought the soldier a bottle of wine from a lemonade salesman? Weird man but liquor is liquor. Somehow, as always, a boxing match got started and after a few rounds I challenged the Kaptain, who ever wins has the best chernarussian football team.

Sad to say ZFC Zbrojovka Zelenogorsk didnt win this season because I got knocked onto my ass after a few minutes.

Turns out the Kaptain likes Chernogorsk, interesting.

Hopefully more fun times like these continue in the future...

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*the following entry is messy, and erratically drawn*

Anna I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry

I.....I dont know what you would do if you saw me like this 

An addict, disgracing myself

Destroying trust

I'm a failure to you my family my country

I'm sorry.......

I'm trying so hard Anna, for you I'm trying. I refuse to put that gun to my head. I know you want me to be happy and I've failed.

But I won't give up

If not for me for you

For you.

Do you remember our first Christmas together Anna

The snow in the woods of that little cabin of ours during the first light. We sat outside and held each other with hot chocolate and watches the Rays of light break through the falling snow and pine trees...

We were happy....

I miss you anna....

*the rest of the entry is smudge from what looks like water or tears and is un readable*

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September 16th, 2020

"A new leaf"

Well here i am again, alive another day with another page.

I had to go cold turkey on the oxy, good riddance, no idea where fintan went though. We left the castle and are working with russians for now. got some Irish fellows as neighbors, the McCoomers. David is dead, shot in cold blood and infection finishing the job. we gave him a fire burial. May he rest in peace and find his soul where ever he went. I'm running around with the doc who got me on track and...forgive me Anna, but im trying to find someone new to be with. 10 years on the bench. I dont know where to start or where to go.

Chechens are causing hell. radical islamists who dont seem to know their own book. I hope they die.

I'm involved with a new plan. Gotta kick the heavy drnking though if i want to play my part. I chugged a jerry can and vomited all the way back home. Maybe i can talk with my friends and get a little extra motivation. 

"In the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood of nations of the Fatherland, we swear to fight for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Chernarus."

by these words i swear to keep with me till i leave this earth.

David you will not have died in vain. Anna your memory will not be forgotten. Chernarus Will be free.

- Ales

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