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[Chernarus] [34.5 MHz] Arrest Warrant Issued


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*You'd notice your radio spark to life. A Chernarussian man speaks through it.*

"Dobré ráno and privyet, this is Private Asimov of the 34th Infantry Battalion of the Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya. I am speaking to you today to inform our loyal citizens that a warrant of arrest has been issued for a man calling himself 'The Good Doctor'. He is wanted for theft of government property, unlawful confinement, and for the torture of people known as his 'patients'. Any information which leads to his arrest will be rewarded with a bounty of equipment. If he is captured by you, and successfully delivered to the RAC, you will be further rewarded."

*The man would pause.*

"I urge you to be cautious around this man. He is dangerous and his followers are devious. Have a good day, my comrades."

*The broadcast would repeat.*

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