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Leather Wallet (Item Shop Version) Contents Vanishing


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I purchased the unlock for the item "Leather Wallet" and spawned it in game. In my inventory it is a one space item, and it has one space of storage inside. On server resets, whatever I have placed in that interior spot has vanished. I first had a sheet of paper in there, which seems like a reasonable thing to have in a wallet, and it vanished after the next restart, but I honestly couldn't tell if maybe I'd pulled it out and used it for something and then just forgot I had used it. So then I tucked a pen inside, which also seemed like a reasonable thing to have in your wallet (even though it might be a bit uncomfortable to sit on if said wallet winds up in your back pocket, but that's roleplay and not mechanics) and it also vanished after the next restart. This time I was absolutely sure I hadn't taken the item out and used or moved it elsewhere. Just to be safe I haven't put anything of value into the wallet since, although for testing purposes, I have just placed another sheet of paper inside of it - I was going to test it with a note, but I didn't have a pen on me any more. I did notice that the wallet has flavor text on it, mentioning that it could store "ID, Cash, or Credit" but I have yet to find any item in game that seems to be any of those things, but maybe I just haven't come across them yet.  If the wallet is only meant to contain those specific items (and not, say, a note that someone is using as their form of ID), could it be changed so that the items that don't belong can't be placed in there at all, similar to how the Advanced Medkit (from Mass) only allows medical items? If the wallet is just vanishing items as a bug/error, could you put out a warning that the item is bugged if it is going to take a while to fix? I'll try to edit this post when I get back in game later if the new sheet of paper also vanishes, as there's sure to be a restart between now and then.

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It is a known bug.

Currently the only cash ingame would be roubles, but they have yet to be added to the loot tables. As for ID and Credit, you can always improvise with the Notes. I would suggest for the time being until the next patch comes, to avoid storing stuff inside the wallet.

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This is a high priority issue and will be worked on ASAP

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