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Diary of Aleksey Konovalik, the tourist.

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I decided to write down things. Then and now events happen, but mostly the time passes uneventful.

Last thing i remember hiding in Chernogorsk in one of the flats i rented for my visit. Military were all over the place. Then i sneaked to the railway, and learned that all transport was shut down, and also the borders. I swear i should have listened to my intuition and not come to Chernarus. 

At the railway station i met a few guys who seemed friendly and are in same situation as me. Our common goal was to leave Chernarus ASAP. And they were so friendly. There was a girl with them, looked like she liked me. Anyway, they invited me to their hiding place in the industrial area of Prigirodki. The area was locked down and we were safe there. Someone  pulled out a few bottles of vodka and we started drinking and sharing stories. The girl smirked at me. 

Day 1

Next thing i remember - I regained consciousness in the middle of the woods. My head was hurting like hell. I had a few bruises on my body and legs. I could see them clearly because i was almost naked. My cellphone was gone. Well, anyway it died a few days before and there was no way to charge it.

For some 10 minutes i just sat there on the ground when i agreed with myself to come out of the hungover daze and do something productive. I looked around and nothing was seen, also no sounds gave out the proximity of a road or a city. But what sounds did i expect? The place has gone dead for a few days now.

I decided to just walk in a straight line. After a hour i found a road and followed it. Alcoholic dizziness was reducing and i could think straight again after some time. First sensible thought was to get off the road and move through the forest. 

Hunger and thirst were becoming too strong by the time i reached some kind of a village. The sign stated "Krasnostav". My god, how did i get here from Prigorodki? 

I hid in the bushes for some time, scouting the area, and didn't see anybody. Quickly ran through the village, gathering some supplies and weapons. I finally ate and put on something warm.

I have also noticed a man outside while i was eating, hidden inside one of the houses.  He was just standing there for a minute, and then limped aimlessly around. I approached him, the first human i saw today! But he screamed and attacked me. Could this be the result of the virus? Good thing i had a shovel with me. I shoved him well. 

It was still around mid day. 

I traveled further east and then south towards Berezino, gathering all the usefull stuff i could find on the way. There was also a small military camp on the way, so i ended up pretty stacked on gear and weapons. Alhtough i had some weapons, i had only a few matching ammo for them. 

Berezino hospital encounter

At Berezino i was searching the hospital - i could use some antibiotics. I was running out of water and eventually i would need to drink from some suspicious water source, so antibiotics were a must. And i found them.

Then i chilled at the hospitals roof for some time, scouting the area, and noticed a guy running around. I observed him for some time, looks like he was alone and unarmed. I shouted a greeting from the roof and he responded. He looked lost and distressed. Eventually i came down to him, i wanted to give him a weapon or something. Being unarmed is not good here, as i learned on my path. 

A few zombies attacked us while we were having a conversation on the street. The shovel came in handy again.

When i was done with the last zombie and pulled out my shovel out of its skull, i noticed the guy was pale as snow. I suggested we get off the street not to attract attention, but the guy was creeped out as hell. He thought i killed a human. Poor dude, he doesn't know yet. I tried to explain, but he probably deemed me some kind of a shovel psycho and ran off screaming for me to back off. 

I tried to follow him but i was attacked by a zombie and by the time i dealt with it, i couldn't see the guy anymore. I ran around a bit trying to find him, but with no results. Poor man, he will probably get himself killed. And i didn't even ask his name. 

Anyway, no time to think it through now. Night was coming and i didn't want to stay in the city. I moved west deep into the forest and set camp there. Sitting near the campfire i was thinking about the man i encountered at the hospital.

The situation was new to me also, but back home i did play lots of survival and post-apocalyptic games. Probably that experience made me accept the situation easier. I knew running around unarmed and screaming is not the best survival strategy, but what could i do now? Not like his death will be on my hands. But i could handle the situation better, at least i could have asked his name. Hell it would be better to point a gun at him and shove some weapons in his backpack if he was so panicked to cooperate. Note to self: be more careful when i meet somebody.

I had enough supplies to last a few days here in the woods, and i decided to take this time to rethink my sutiation. I didn't know what i wanted. There was not much to come back to at my home country. Should i stay here? Life wouldn't be boring here definitely. Come back? To a boring job? Friends and relatives that don't give a damn about me and do not understand me? Woman that betrayed me? Maybe it would be better if i die here. Or at least i will see a contrast between my comfort life and this struggle to survive and rethink my values. 

For the time being, i decided to stay at Chernarus. The sunset was beautiful. Don't remember such beautiful sunsets back at home. 



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