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The Memories of Fedot Alekseyevich Popov


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Day 1

Where to even begin? By God, it seems so surreal, but it IS real, and it's a nightmare. 

Two weeks ago, the government sent out an order to evacuate Chernorus due to to a third outbreak of the flu that originated in that slum. Natalia, my love, I'm glad you are not here to witness the suffering this flu has brought to our country. Da, it would make you weep. I wasn't going to leave. You know me my babushka, stubborn. You rest here, how could I abandon you? So I decided to live in the forest. I know areas that people seldom if ever go. Took a radio, and supplies, ready to wait it out and return to you. 

Natalia, something happened in the two weeks, causing everything to go crazy. I heard on the reports, this flu now causes people to go mad, aggressively attacking others like animals - the "frenzy flu" or something like that. Full scale panic, military and police struggling, towns empty, gunshots, screams, explosions, it was like the end of the world, cacophony of noise signalling the end! 

But then, came the silence. The land seemed so peaceful, just the sounds of nature, oh Natalia, if it wasn't so ominous, it would have been so tranquil. Before I could pack up my camp, I was run off by wolves. Blyat, those pests have gotten too numerous, but the lock downs stopped our attempts to cull them. I managed to escape, but I had virtually nothing, just my radio and my clothes. 

I decided to see how the evacuation was going, so I headed to the south Western highway, an area I knew from the radio that was an evacuation point. I passed a supermarket, and inside I saw a man. Well, whai I thought was a man. I called out to him "Privet!" and when he turned, my god Natalia, it chilled my soul. His skin was grey, his clothes were filthy and bloody and that screech, it was horrific. He charged at me, his arms ready swing at me. We fought, and I was forced to punch him after he ignored my pleas to stop, but he stumbled and tripped, impaling his throat on the broken window killing him. 

I... I didn't want that. Oh God, forgive me, I never wanted to take a life, it... It was an accident, please, you must understand Natalia, I had no choice, he was truing to hurt me, I wanted him to stop, but he kept on his attack... 

After that, I composed myself and left. I ended up reaching the trail of cars leading to the evacuation, but there I met a young man. A foreigner. After the earlier incident I was on edge, but the youngster introduced himself and said the point was closed. I thanked him for the info, and he went east, towards Chernogorsk, or maybe Zelenogorsk, I lost sight of him before I saw his direction of travel. I hope he is OK, he couldn't speak Russian but I do know English (due to all the contractors I used to work with, I had to!) He seemed nice enough, I think you would have mother Ed him like you did to all our neighbours kids, didn't you Natalia?

So, I decided to head east myself, going to police stations for help. They were deserted, with more of the "frenzied" everywhere I decided to walk along the beach, and sleep under a boat near Balota, to give me shelter and a hiding spot for the night. It's now morning, and after finishing this entry, I will continue my travels. I will try to find a way to survive this, you know I will Natalia. 

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Day 2

I awoke from a rather turbulent sleep to the sound of rain. Blyat, this rain Natalia, in the summer it is an annoyance but I must still be careful - many have died from exposure, as Chernorus rain is unforgiving and a harsh mistress. I decided to move when the rain let up, and I made my way along the beach east, until I saw Chernogorsk in the distance. Natalia, it was quiet. Too quiet. Normally the city would be full of people, noise, and the harbour busy. 

It was as if Baba Yaga herself had snatched everyone away. It was deserted. Only broken ships lay in the harbour, and the cranes silent sentinels standing on the docks. It was very unnerving, God I hope I meet someone soon, it's not normal, there must be someone left! But no. I met not one single soul. Not even any of the flu suffered souls I saw Natalia. The only sounds I heard was the wind. I managed to find supplies in abandoned cars and buildings, being mindful of the presence of any frenzied people within. I eventually saw a group of them, around four of them in the distance by the police station. They didn't see me, so I carefully snuck into a nearby building, and watched them from a distance. 

Oh my sweet Natalia, they seem to be in a daze. They wonder aimlessly, unable to open doors. Have they forgotten? Or have they turned so... Animalistic they simply don't know how to work them? They are very aggressive, chasing anything that moves. It's hard to see them as people anymore, their grey, clammy skin with bloody patches and damaged clothes, it's unlike anything I've seen. Suddenly, there are gunshots in the distance, and curiously they start screeching and growling, some running and some clamoring like apes in a zoo towards the noise. I waited a while, but they did not return. It seems they are attracted to loud noises Natalia - I will have to remember this, it might save my life! 

After making my way out of Chernogorsk, I stopped to have some food and drink I'd managed to find. Who knew cheap canned drinks and a few cans of beans would taste so good? Don't judge my meal Natalia - it's literally all I could find! There must have been lootings, riots, or something like that, as there wasn't much of anything left. I finished up, and continued my journey to the city of Elektrosavodsk. It was much the same as Chernogorsk - a mess, looted and as quiet as the grave. I took what I could, avoided some more sufferers of this frenzy flu and continued east, and in the rain. I took shelter where I could, but it was slow going. 

I soon found myself in Kamyshovo. It was a nice little village, I managed to search the place, and find a lot of useful things Natalia. The police station was empty, which was no surprise. I had to fight off a few of the frenzied as well. I managed to trap one in a house, but the other I had to use my fists on. I am alright Natalia, but my knuckle is rather sore... I was by the water pump, getting a drink and cleaning my knuckles when the radio I was carrying suddenly burst into life! I quickly dashed into a building in order to listen without alerting the frenzied... 

It was the Republic Army of Chernorus, or the RAC as they said. They had set up a place for civilians to go. Natalia, I'm going there with food and medical supplies. There might be families who will need the supplies more than me. They are based south of Vybor. I know where it is, but it is far from here. I am going to rest here, then make the journey to there. It will take several days, but I need to do what I can. Chernarus is our home Natalia, I can't see our people suffer. I will write again soon my love, watch over me. 

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Day 5

Sorry that it has been a while since I last wrote, but a lot has happened in the last few days, so I will summarise the best I can Natalia, because it has been rediculous! 

I managed to get the supplies to the RAC in Vybor, the soldiers there seemed a little on edge, but, the supplies I gave seemed to be greatly appreciated, as did the food by the survivors. I left to go North, to see if the airfield there had supplies I could get for the RAC. Well, there were supplies, but a lot of the infected as well Natalia, chyort, there were dozens of them! I barely made it out before passing out in a small metal shack in a field. I'm OK now my babushka, but a lot of the things I was carrying were broken beyond repair. 

So, I decided to leave those 'military' areas to the actual military - I'm but one man, they have many and bigger guns. So with that, I went to visit some of the campsites we used to frequent for a bit of relaxation, and to my surprise, there were people there! In the large TEC campsite northwest of Zelenogorsk I met quite a few people, a few gorsigners and some Chernorussians too. They were trying to set up a community, to help others, but according to them, the RAC took their equipment and weapons. However, I noticed a lot of them were carrying military weapons, so I can guess why they were taken. They allowed me to stay the night, which I was grateful for. 

On my way back to the RAC compound in Vybor, I was attacked by the wolves that infest the forests of our country. I managed to get away, but I had to drop nearly all my equipment to be able to run to safety. I managed to make it to a house, and seal myself inside, exhausted, I fell asleep. 

Natalia, it felt strange when I woke up. You know, the way something doesn't feel right? Well, I felt that all the way to the TEC campsite. I wanted to see if the people there were still around. They weren't, unfortunately, but I did meet a strange fellow. He was called James, a Germanski I think, and he didn't look like a normal doctor, he certainly gave me tips on how to keep clean in case I get in contact with the infected (those poor souls, I hope God is merciful and delivers a cure soon). However, he gave off a weird vibe, something I couldn't explain. So I made my goodbyes end made my way to the RAC compound again. 

I still had that odd feeling. It was that feeling we used to have during the civil war, the feeling of dread, waiting for the violence. I left the RAC compound, and I was greeted by the sight of some armed men. I gave the traditional greeting (a hand held up with a cheerful hello) and they told me "civilians should leave the area, there is an operation going down" I barely made it past the roadblock when the shouts and shooting started. I ran to some sandbags and took cover. 

The gunfire was fierce, and it was then some random man started running towards the compound, shouting about "dying of thirst!" I quickly got him over to where I was, and while we were safely out of harms way, I have him some food and water. He explained his name was Jonno, from Australia. He went with his best friend on holiday to Berenzino for a fishing tournament but is now stuck here. We waited, and I calmed him down when the gunfire and high calibre rifle shots started - I have heard them too much during the war, as did you Natalia. After the fighting stopped, Jonno went on his way, and I decided to see if anyone was alive and needed help. There was nothing but bodies, poor souls. I quickly retreated to Vybor town, and I'm writing this down before I get some rest. Natalia, watch over me my angel, as this country is very dangerous......... 

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