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Journal of Jack Ales Morgan - 2006 - 2010 -


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July 12th, 2006

Atlanta International Airport

"Homeland Bound"

18 Years ago the spirits of the world brought me into the world high above the sky. My mother would always call me a bird that would fly freely and I am flying home. I may be half chernorussian but i have not gotten the culture that my mother has. That i choose to fix. I will miss my parents and home but Chernarus is where I choose to fly.

March 1st, 2007

"Private Morgan, 1st Bn, 34th Infantry Regiment"

Today I return to Zelenogorsk as a soldier and practical Citizen. Although I still have to serve 2 years it guaranteed my right to live here, although I believe my mother played a big part. My parents are here for the weekend to visit my graduation. Both are so proud and my father bought the first rounds once we were celebrating. It's a great time, despite the language issue.

July 7th, 2007

"Anna Novàk"

I have found something better than the Hills of South Zagoria and prettier than the setting sun. I met Anna in Zelenogorsk while on my weekend leave and it was love at first sight. She loves my American accent and is helping me learn Czech and I've been teaching her how to hunt. I got in trouble because I snuck my AKM out one weekend and let her use it out in the woods. Was mopping the latrines all month I saw nothing but her smile. The others may snicker at my poor Czech but they don't have any Anna to speak of.

March 1st, 2009

"Citizen - Sergeant - Chernorussian"

Promotion last month and Two Years service today. Citizen and Loyal to the core. Anna was with my during the ceremony, I was more concentrated on her then the new rank. At least until my commander slapped it onto my chest. The homeland is under stress but with Anna everything seems all right. We have plans to travel Europe this winter, she wants to see Prague during winter. I've been saving everything I can, put in extra time, even been doing odd jobs. At this point I think I can get her there by December. 

August 5th, 2009

"Civil War in Chernarus"

I finally have a break to write. We've been fighting the communists for about a month now? Honestly time blurs a little. My Squad is operating as Recon in south zagoria, wish I could say we are doing good but we lost Andrej to a sniper last week and we are having to collect our own food and water mostly. Alexandr is using an old SKS, we have old AKMs, the PKM we recovered got totalled by a Grenade. Anton was able to find a bag of coffee so I write this with a little good. I keep a picture of Anna with me. It's of us when we were hiking last year. Shes safe at least. I wish for this war to end and it's barely begun...

October, 2009

"The day the sun set"

Anna's dead. We had returned to Zelenogorsk for resupply and my commander told me. Stray bullet caught her when she was out of the city trying to find her mother. I've lost my will to be happy but not to fight. 

Odpočívej v pokoji Anno, ať se jednoho dne znovu najdeme...

January 14th, 2010

"Hell has froze"

We lost. We lost and I couldn't be there to die before we did. Last week a sniper grazed my head damaging my left eye, luckily I'm right eye dominate but we all got told earlier. Many cried, some shlt themselves and me...im grabbing my gear and heading with some others into the woods. The War will continue in our hearts and I will not let Anna's murders get away with this. This may be the last Journal entry, there isnt many but I've had so many pictures of Anna taped into this that...it hurts still...maybe one day I can find the spot we would shoot in the woods and her spirit will be there. That's where my soul would go first to find her. Until then this is Sergeant Jack Ales Morgan writing off.

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August 18th, 2008

"Date Night"

I took Anna with me to the North West airfield, although no one their new. There was a hole in the fence and some lag in the patrols. We snuck in during early morning and watched the Jets fly out and practice their maneuvers in the rising sun while drinking wine and hiding from the guards. No one new we were here and she loved watching them. This was dangerous, we could have been imprisoned for this but, we are very lucky. It was all worth it to make her smile, even though I see it every day.

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December 23rd, 2008

"Chernarus Winter"

Bože, nenávidím vánoční nákupy...

Shops were packed as usual, my fault for shopping late but it's not like the military gave me the time off. 2 days now of constant shopping and I've nearly been shot over a pair of boots. Anna is going to love it this year though, I've got the apartment all fancy and I saved enough for presents. Even got her those books from America, bless my parents for helping with it. The Snow falling on Chernarus is peaceful especially with her. One day I want to take her to Prague and watch the snow settle there. Not this year or next sadly but in 2? Well I hope. And after that maybe a vacation in America, if the military can actually find my leave papers though.

Life is good...

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