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SERVER 1 AND 2 Chernarus, 1 is full 2 is empty?!

changes to server 1 and 2 chernarus, so server 1 doesnt get so full. and 2 so empty  

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i make this poll because everytime i try to enter chernarus 1, there is a queue of 25-34 people, and i have to wait up to an HOUR! to get in! i tried to go to server 2, and to my shocking surprise, server two had completly different hive, i mean, my character on server 1, doesnt get to go to server 2. and continue there.

this is the reason why no one want to go to server 2, since they would have to start all over, making character 1 on server 1 useless. its like having two different characters

this is killing the need to go to server 2, thats why server 2 will always be empty and 1 full. doesnt make sense.

let us have the same character on server 1 and 2, so we can go to two in case 1 gets full. add some rules if you want to, but let us do that, this will allow a more natural flow of people betwen the two servers.

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We had this discussion last night.

Rolle's already explained why.

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Read here.


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