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''strange word''


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im am look for the ''strage word'' for 2 hours now and i still did not find it in Community Knowledge Check new comer guide can someone help me please?

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  • Sapphire

When you are trying to whitelist, I suggest slowly and clearly speaking all words in the document out loud. This'll help you I'm sure! 

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i did that exactly 4 times now all this hard work for just 1 word ?

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  • MVP
14 minutes ago, slufter102 said:

i did that exactly 4 times now all this hard work for just 1 word ?

Read the rules, slowly and line by line.
The passphrase will definitely stand out once you find it, there is no mistaking it for something else.

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ill try again then

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  • MVP

Once you've found it, it's unmistakable. Read over every word, slowly and out loud (like @Marik has suggested) because you'll soon come up to something that doesn't make sense in the context of the sentence. If you're actually following that advice, there's absolutely no way you'll miss it.

Unfortunately, every person's is different. Therefore I cannot simply give you mine or tell you where it is. This is one thing that needs to be found on your own, and it's in place to ensure you've read the rules thoroughly. Staff can't tell you either. Only other word of advise is to make sure you're logged in and you're not reading as a guest.

It seems daunting, but it's not all that bad. Worth it for you to read the rules over more than once anyway.

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