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[34.5 MHz] Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya Public Frequency


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*The radio fires up, a Chernarussian sounding man is heard coming over the radio*

"Dobrý den everyone, this is Lieutenant Krystof Filla of the 34th Infantry Battalion stationed here in South Zagoria. This broadcast is made to allow all of you a place to get in contact with us if we are not around your location. Our main purpose here is to make sure all citizens of Russia as well as the tourists who arrived are able to rely on the military and have the protection they require from this disease. As many of you may know, we have a compound set up on the road heading from Vybor to Pustoska. We will always have soldiers stationed here to assist the local population however we can, as well as our patrols keeping the streets safe. The compound of ours does have rules we expect all citizens to listen to."

*Sound of papers being flipped can be quickly heard and then the sound of the Lieutenant clearing his throat*

"Rule 1 - All civilians who arrive at the compound must either hand over their weapons or unload the magazines and unchamber the rifle. No weapons are to be allowed to be held in the civilian's hands."
"Rule 2 - Civilians are not permitted in the following areas. The closed off section with the tin metal warehouse, The central building in the courtyard connected to the makeshift gazebo, and the military office building as well as the barracks section behind the second layer of walls with the Republic's flag on it."
"Rule 3 - If any there are any hostilities or disruptions created from anyone visiting, that person will be given a warning on their records and ordered to leave the compound."
"Rule 4 - Respect all civilians and military personnel in the compound and follow orders that are being given, with what is going on at the moment we will require your cooperation to ensure we can keep everyone safe."

*The papers heard before are once again being moved around. A drawer is heard opening with those papers being placed into it and then shut closed*

"We hope to have this frequency as our public communications frequency. Any official questions to the Republic's Army can be either asked here or on our emergency radio at 34.0. We will be working tirelessly to stabilize the region again and bring order to the land so everyone can go back to their normal lives."


(Discord link found by clicking on the red 34.0)

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*The radio springs to life as a very quiet low Chernarussian accent is heard*

"I must be quick about this. At the camp outside Vybor one of your RAC men have possibly just been shot as I speak. The camp has seemed to be empty and many things have taken place in the short time you have not been here."

*The radio cuts out as gunshots are heard in the distance background*

*The radio springs to life a couple minutes later*

"I am now sure they are looting the camp. Unsure of what happened to the soldier who was stationed inside but please. Call in the Russian Military or something"

*Radio goes dead silent again*

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*The frequency springs to life as a message repeats*
"By order of senior-Lieutenant Bata Kuchanek, we're now instating new rules for being within the compound which is the following:

1) You can at any moment have your weapons confiscated if we deem you a potential threat. You will either hand them over or take your leave. All confiscated weapons will be returned upon leaving.

2) There is a maximum amount of people that can be inside the compound at any time - we will reffeer you to Vybor town if we're unable to have you.

3) Inside the compound, remember to QUIET your voice. Failure to do such will mean removal from the premises.

4) At any point, any RAC soldier or officer is able to remove you from the premises.

This message will repeat."

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*Novak presses the PTT*

Until further notice our compound in Berezino is under lockdown in the interest of public health and safety. Please do not approach the compound.

*He releases the PTT*

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