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From Journalism to Survival

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To whoever reads this

This contains entries and photos of my journey from what is going on right now until my death.

Ondrej Svoboda

Entry #1




Entry #1

I got out and there is no one around... I searched all Chernogorsk to find people...
Everything was locked and I only found some people wandering around, but they were crazy.
They tried to bite me, but I managed to lose them off in the city.

The Hotel had a plane crash into it.
Maybe that was the big boom I had heard some time ago. There were no survivors unfortunately.

Whatever is happening, it all went to shit.
I found an open appartment and locked myself in there until nightfall. I decided to look over my map again and go to Vybor... Unfortunately I couldn’t find any working car.

I went on foot and arrived at an airport where I found no one. I am now sitting in the kitchen, drinking some left over coffee and waiting for the daylight to continue moving up North.

I know there is someone in Vybor who has some info I need.


Entry #2




I have taken off from the airfield. There were more people moving aimlessly through the field, but I hesitated them as much as possible.

I went up North, stopped at an inn to check if they had something to drink then I started hearing gun shots. A sane person would stay away, but I decided to move forward and see what was happening?

I spotted a campfire in the distance and as I got close, people were talking. Some guy named Sam and 2 others who seemed locals. There was another guy or kid who was staying hidden.

This Sam seems crazy. He killed the person in the photo I put here and claimed to have killed more, in self defence. I don’t know if to believe him or not...

The 2 locals told me that Vybor was under the Army control. And that apparently Russians were here and that they were killing civilians.

They said they witnessed Russian soldiers executing a woman in the middle of the street. I will need to investigate on this.

Sam took me on a tour of the town of Zelenogorsk and showed me the military area, he claimed there was a mega “zombie” as he likes to call them... He also called them vampries and werewolves. Either way, I left him asap as I was scared for my life.


Entry #3




Today was a productive day. I have managed to get a hold of a map from a local called Arnost. He enlightened me on some recent events, such as the local nationalists (dubbed CLF) attacked the local military last night at their compound in Vybor.

Either way, I have visited Vybor recently and seemed that military was away, thus I decided not to enter the town and stay in Pustoshka until I can enter legally.

I also need to make sure I avoid travelling at night as apparently there is a curfew.

Arnost is a simple man who is trying to stay alive and see this to an end.

He stated that 48 hours ago, he was at a gas station buying some candy from himself when this thing started to appear.

He never thought it would devolve like this. After he helped me with a map and directions, he headed to Zvir, where apparently he has a house. I hope I can meet him again one day and inverview him about more stuff regarding Chernarus.


Entry #4




Well, I didn’t stay for long in Pustoshka. I decided to venture to the Vybor compound as I saw some cars were pulling up there and lights were being turned on.

I decided to go there and I must say that it was much better than expected. I met a fake Aussie armed to the teeth in a ghillie suit, a Polish Paratrooper who allegedly dropped from a crashed helicopter in South Zagoria to help... People are going crazy...

Either way, I stood in line and eventually got myself registered with the number 117. Afterwards I stayed around and got the opportunity to interview the commander of the army

I asked him about what was going on and apparently there is a break of communications between the local military and the government. Then there is the matter of scarce rations and a request of donations from the people.

I’ll cover the interview much better when I get access to the internet. For now, I’ve arrived at the place in Vybor and I will soon start to rumble through this stuff after I drank coffee.


Entry #5




Today was rather a busy day. I took a stroll to a nearby town called Stary Sobor. There I found a lonely shop owner, who was having a wholesale as he was closing down and wanted to go up North.

I ended up finding that he was a farmacist, that had a general store which also sold hunting equipment. Ofcourse, he ran out of that, but I managed to snatch some chocolate, cigarettes, generic medicine and some charcoal. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it was all a bargain.

Decided to pack the surplus for the local RAC garrison, so hopefully I can get on their good side and snatch safe passage to Novodmitrosk to meet the Russian Army.

While I was returning, I spotted some smoke and then I saw this plane that was crashed. I managed to get close and snatch this photo, but all of a sudden RAC soldiers appeared and guided me out of the area. What happened here? Did they shoot it down by accident? Did it crash due to a failure?

I also noticed lots of armored vehicles laid in ruins at the entrance of Vybor. I must’ve missed them when I passed early in the morning. I must interview the commander once more.



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  • Diamond

Love the pictures and write-ups, hopefully I see you again and we can get another photo.

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