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Adding more books and Cigarette types to the shop


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  • Emerald

Hello all, just a quick question for El President @Roland - is it possible to add the new varieties of cigarettes to the shop, and if possible make the books available in the base game be given the same treatment? 


I would like to be able to carry a bible at all times (for both RP and for IC background reasons) but the likely hood of finding one in game is hilariously small. If all book types were available, it would be appreciated. With the cigarettes, unless it's to be added in time, having different types would be good for giving IC criticisms to a survivors cigarettes of choice! 

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To tag Roland because it's a question for adding items to the shop
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  • Sapphire

All questions about the shop go to the big man @Roland himself! As for requests for new Books and the alike, I think @Watchmancan help you best there! 

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  • El Presidente

Yes, more RP items and their variants will be added soon.

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