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New here

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Hi there, i am Thijs.

i just finished my account setup and am waiting for approval, so i hope to join you soon in chernarus.

I am 30 years old, from the Netherlands and am new to the game. I love this game, love the scenery and the open world. but i hate to be shot over and over again without any conversation. i would love to join this RP server and hope i will make friends, enemy's and get into a whole new adventure.

I also hope people will forgive me as i need to get used to gaming in this kind and i hope you guys will support me.


See you soon

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Gegroet makker,

Welcome to the community. As you might have already noticed we have some more dutch lads around ?

I hope you will enjoy the RP on our servers.

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Gegroet ?

I hope to meet some of them, still busy reading the Lore and about the different factions.

its so immersive, i hoped to play today but i see that approval takes some time.

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Goedendag Kameraad,

Good to see another dutchie get into DayZRP!
Welcome and hope you have a good time around here.

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