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[Lore Question] Infected & Vehicles


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I have a question about the following:


How do vehicles get factored in to "self defense" vs "war crimes"? Has there been any (game mechanics) change to how the Infected swarm to the sound of running vehicles? If not, and they're still attracted like a magnet, should a character assume that the Infected are attempting to attack them, and not the vehicle (why would a person, sick and irrational or not, try to attack a vehicle?) and thus it would be considered self defense to drive over ones that appear to be attacking/trying to get inside? 




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  • Sapphire

In general, if someone (in this example, a person suffering from the frenzied flu) is attacking you with what seems lethal force you can always reply with adequate force. 

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What Marik said.

Just understand that these, to you at the best of your knowledge, are still people. Just sick or ill. They are not zombies. So you need to treat them appropriately. Driving someone over with a car will get you arrested and if one of the Lore Factions see you doing it, you may just be arrested! 

As time goes on, this obviously won't always be the case. Self Defense is a thing and I don't think people will fault you for being like, "I tried to talk to them! Begged them to stop and they lunged at me! I had no choice!" 

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