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Speaking with a Russian/ChernArussian accent?

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With the new lore I figured I would venture into creating a Chernarussian character. I was wondering how does everyone speak so well with a russian accent so well? What are good tips to practice the accent? For people that simply cant do it, do you just become a text Rper? Would it be weird being a chernarussian without a russian accent?

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  • Sapphire

Try this! 

Otherwise youtube is great as well! 

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  • Sapphire

Your accent comes with practice. If it's shit at first, the more you do it, better it gets. Promise. Soon after it just comes natural. 


I respect people who put an ATTEMPT of an accent rather than straight up just being an american like "Yeeeeeehaw! Im from chernarus why d'ya ask fella?!"

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  • Diamond

Exactly what Cali said. Practice and practice. You will most likely pick someone you are trying to mimic. Or simply sound like someone you meet in game. However you will find that you will never sound as good as ya hope to be, however not everyone with an accent sounds the same. This means that whatever your accent becomes is still gonna be damn fine for other people. As long as peps understand ya are trying to put some twang to ya voice, it doesn’t matter if they can tell you clearly are not Slavic. You work with the suspension of disbelief 

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