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Immediate Exfil- Chernarus


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  • Sapphire

Cliff sprint's into the open field South  East of Titsy Compound. He turns and fires into the tree line, heading for a large bale of hay.The radio cracks to life. Suppressed pistol shots can be heard.

"Devil Doc to Potius Cras Command do you read me. Potius Cras Command come in."

The sound of a pistol slide locking in place is heard. The snap's and pops of shots passing close are interrupted by automatic weapons fire.

"Command I am South East of Titsy Compound in a field. I am in contact with Aegis operators and infected. Request immediate Exfil. I have blood samples and info from one of Dr Keplers private labs."

The radio beeps three times and a mechanical voice can be heard ""Operator Devil Doc message received. Blackhawk Potius Zero Tango Four is inbound. ETA 15 Mikes." 

The sound of automatic weapons fire stops "Devil Doc understood, 15 Mikes, will pop green smoke to mark LZ" Devil Doc sigh's as he changes radio frequencies "Now to try and help a friend" He slides the sleeve up on his left arm relieving a wrist tablet. He pushes a few Icon's, look at the screen and pushes 2 more Icon's. 

Cliff adjust the frequency on his radio and turns on the Vox option. "Ivan this is Cliff. I hope you hear this. You were right the first time we met. You were right about who I was. You asked my other name and now I will tell you. I am Operator Devil Doc, I am an Infiltration Operator for Potius Cras. I was sent to infiltrate King's Ridge to locate and extract Dr River Hendrix. She was knowingly and willingly did things to put everyone at great risk. She helped a rouge agent evade us, which could have led to the death of a lot of people, friends of yours. You were never a target."

The sound of a magazine sliding from a weapon can be heard. Cliff checks the C-MAg he took from the M4 and drops both to the ground. He pulls the M417 from his shoulder and checks it. "Ivan I have a way to get you out of all this. To a better place. If you want to get you and your people out all you have to do is active the GPS trackers I placed under the dash on the BMW I gave you and the truck I helped you get."

The sound of slow rhythmic breathing can be heard. Cliff Checks the range on 4 men that slowly lean the treeline North West of his position. As he finishes exhaling he squeezs the trigger. It appears as a reflex. As if it had been done thousands of times. He ducks back behind the hay bail. The sound of two shots is heard. "Ivan, if you push it you can trust the men that come. We are trying to build a better tomorrow. We that have survived are the key. You have no need to worry. Only I can remotely activate the trackers, and I code locked them from my side. If you decide to stay. I will honor that wish. This message will repeat. Good luck my friend. I hope to see you. Cliff touches the screen of the wrist tablet. The radio beeps a few times. "Potius Zero Tango Four be advised this will be a HOT LZ"

Cliff places the radio under the edge of the hay bail. As he see's the Pink and Black Blackhawk come into view he tosses a Green smoke grenade into a open part of the filed. He stands and fires four more times. Hitting one of the men pursuing him. He runs for the Blackhawk as he hears shots and hears the snaps and pops. Just as he gets there he is hit in the back of the plate carrier. He staggers and climbs into the Blackhawk, the Operator in the door returns fire as the helo lifts off. Looking out over the countryside Cliff hopes Ivan pushes the button.




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  • Diamond

*Ivan presses down on the PTT*
"My friend, I knew all of you blood baggers had a smell to you. The truck was taken by the Chedaki and the BMW was caught on fire, so any beacons won't be coming from me." 

*Ivan lets go of the PTT for a second, but then presses back down on the button*
"None of your men would be happy with me, you know? My pistol was the one that killed Operator Serina. I know much of your organization from her journal. Probably a lot more than I wanted to know. I was going to return the book, but I think its best if it burns like everything else will eventually in this world my friend." 

*After taking a brief drag of his cigarette he continues*
"I found my purpose in this land, so I am just going to continue what I can do. The world as we know is gone, there is no better tomorrow. Best of luck kráva." 

*He throws his cigarette out the window. A car engine can be heard roaring to life in the background as Ivan starts his vehicle* 
"Slava Chernarus" 

*Ivan presses down on the gas pedal and the vehicle takes off as he releases the PTT* 

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  • Diamond

Shortly after the last message (from Ivan), a muffled voice pops up in English with a possibly local dialect. It manages to roughly strike the balance or compromise of obscuring the voice sufficiently while remaining audible or understandable.


<:: "Good day. I am addressing the last person that just spoke and ended the transmission with 'Slava Chernarus'. Fellow bratri, I am interested in the book. Alternatively, I am interested in the knowledge you have obtained and you can pass on, should you have terminated the object in question already. But fear not.

Despite the general chaos, this deed wouldn't be irrelevant - on the contrary, your information can prevent possible issues in the future. There is always the chance of a better tomorrow - but it is doubtful if it lies in the hands of dubious entities in question, so that journal - or knowledge from it - is best utilized elsewhere to prevent future harm or complications. What say you?"



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